Logo Animation - Illuminate

Just finished this last night. I’m pretty happy with it. Followed a tutorial by BlenderGuru for the general idea. I used Blender for the modeling and compositing and compiled the animation with Adobe Premier. Let me know what you think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GizfnEnRyJo&feature=youtu.be

Knowing the tutorial from Andrew this is a very nice adaptation. What you could do to see the effects is to give this a bit more room at the borders (the logo looks crammed into the picture, so I would take the camera back and test it that way, hopefully it will give the letters a lot more focus). Also, is there a way for you to take the volumetric lighting from the top back to the border where the last particles land in front? This way it would not illuminate the ground near the camera and give the scene a lot more depth (is missing this a bit at the moment). One easy way to do this could be to use an alpha gradient in the compositor (you possibly could create this with an elipse mask which you set to rectangle, and move it up to half the picture and use a blur node to create the gradient and then multiply this with a mix node over the render layer with your volumetric lighting, so it fades out to the bottom which “makes it end” where the particles land - you have to rotate the mask of course if you take an angled view as in this example).
Last: Can you try to have the landing particles bounce at least once? This way it would look a lot more realistic - not sure which option for the particle system you need to toggle for this, though :wink:
Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply eknightGER and help! Not sure if I’ll have the time to revisit this project, but I like your suggestions and will definitely look to use them in either this project or future ones.

Hello…I have a simple question. Based on the comments, it seems that you followed the tutorial made by Mr. Andrew price on a logo animation. So I’m guessing, you also used compositing and the rest of it…with the two scenes, volume lighting…etc. I followed through right until the render, and then I noticed that the volume lighting text produces a ghost outline on my animation; it looks like watermark :(.

Did you have this problem? If not, do you know how to solve it please?