Logo Animation using Fluidsim

One of my colleagues at work is doing a video project for one of his courses and he asked me if I could design a little intro logo for him.
His artist name is “Iskall”, so I came up with a little fluidsim excercise. Probably nothing you haven’t seen before, but I liked how it turned out and wanted to share it with you.

Here is the clip on youtube. Be sure to turn on “HD” since its in 720p.

Here is the clip on Vimeo.


This is one of my favorite features of Blender!

post on vimeo.

Very cool!

nice… to make it more “dynamic” you could try varying the speed… for example that first bullet comes quickly and when it hits the logo, it slows down… just a thought.


Nice!!Try using higher fluid resolution and particles

Hmmm… wouldn’t that be rather tricky to pull of “correctly”.

Obviously one could just use a time IPO. But wouldn’t slowing down result in a jerky fluidsim? I mean the fluidsim is baked at 25frames per second. If I use a time IPO to slow it down, then I only slow down the playback speed, but not the bake speed, correct? In other words, lets say I do as you suggested and use a time IPO to slow down to half speed. Wouldn’t the fluidsim then just playback at 12frames per second, or would the baking process take the time IPO into consideration?

Resolution was set to 450. particles was at maximum (I think). Either way, the resulting bake process almost didn’t fit into my RAM, which is 8GB. It was something like 7.8GB while baking. I feel that at that particular camera distance, a higher res wouldn’t have been much of an improvement. Maybe a different domain size (meters).

Nonetheless, I feel that the fluidsim uses waaaaaay too much ram. It would be great if it could get optimised so that the mesh only gets adaptively tesselated as needed.
Plus it would be great if it was possible to pause a bake, close blender, start blender, reload scene, and then continue the bake from where it left off.

Oh well, still it’s an awesome tool. I’m looking forward to the Google Summer of Code. If I recall correctly, one of the planned blender improvements is the fluidsim.

I thought that the compression switch in fluid panel did do this. I wonder what it does then?

Does it? I thought it had something to do with the physical properties of the fluid. If it does indeed reduce the required memory size, then here’s a big fat D’OH!

I’ll test this and post some results.

Interesting I could see the sim on the fluid start just before the bullet hit. Is there a way to time that with the bullet?

Or one trick to try is to swap out the object on impact. Something you could do in post or comp even. A quick dissolve to the fluid object on impact might sell it.