Logo animation

Guys, I’m doing an animation for my company, and I decided to show you my progress in hope for constructive critiques. So, anything you see that should be changed, please let me know :slight_smile:

Logo anim ver 1

Logo anim ver 2

Thx in advance!

Can’t watch the animations, both videos say they’re private.

Thanks for heads up, should be ok now…

I like version 2 best

Thanks for the comment Blendify. I’ve made two new versions, in which camera is a bit more animated (they differ just in tiny details), but still I’ll probably render at least one more, because I believe the beginning of the animation goes too fast. Let me know what you think.

The first (third…) one is too dark ain’t it?

  • the rocket smoke tail start is good
  • the logo out of these tails… is well some loops of this butterfly are allready vanished (maybe they shouldnt yet ?)…
  • What i dont like, is the glow filter used on the butterfly, the reason its a lot square like, blocks…
    I think that shouldnt be when you express something nice round shaped like that.
  • actually Gromar 3d, is a bit like Chrome, and maybe use some blinky shine effect or so over those letters too.
    Chrome letters are ideal for that, maybe more ideal then fine nice fragile logo lines ?
    Maybe try to get some balance on those shine effects on the logo and the rest then its more connected.

Thanks Razorblade

  • which version of the tail you prefer?
  • the tails were supposed to be vanishing fast, due to the fact that I’ll probably use version in which the logo is enlightened right from the beginning, it’s fine IMO
  • yeah, agreed, changed that for a fog glow,
  • true too, I don’t know if the below posted result is what you had in mind, but I kinda like it

Thanks again for comments!

Please don’t mind the noise.

Two versions from above are likely to be the last ones I’m making, as the time is running and the results aren’t bad, but still I have some time to make further changes/imporvements, so if you have anything to add, well, please don’t hesitate :slight_smile: