logo contest

There is a logo contest for the
Distributed Hardware Evolution Project

More info can be found here:

can you tell me what the website is about? it’s a mess and i dont feel like reading all that text… :-?

Sure its a project where they are using distributed computers to come up with better versions of certain types of circuts.

For a non technical description. They are sort of evolving
better circuts.

Im gonna win :slight_smile:


Blendfreak> Your logo looks sortof lopsided, but maybe you want it that way? :-? , otherwise it looks cool!

I see that, too.

Digital_me, is your avatar supposed to look like that? Or are you like me, not a good modeler.

EDIT: Oh now you’ve changet your avatar. :stuck_out_tongue:

My former avatar was a 15 minute job to calm me down berfore starting work on my Blender World Cup entry. I needed an avatar an just grabbed that image.