Logo Creation

Hey :slight_smile:
I need a programm which allows me to simply create logos. I need bezier/path tools to make the logo.
I already tried it with GIMP and Inkscape but both are not very handy with curves or the settings…
i want to create the “shield” which you can see at the back of the spaceship:

thx !

I think Inkscape is perfect for this.
I made one in less than 2 minutes.
Is it what you wanted ?

I´m sorry :confused: the link works but: “Service Temporarily Unavailable”
Edit: now the link worked^^-looks pretty good ! http://blenderartists.org/forum/images/smilies/sago/smile.gif close to what it should look like !
can you give me advice how to to it accurately with inkscape ? (symmetry, not too large and round corners -> settings for curves…?)
thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

The quicker would be to get a close-up of your logo with a good contrast and to use the “vectorize” option.
The more accurate way would be to work from a close-up of your logo, and draw on the top of it.

If you don’t have a base image, you can draw it from scratch use the grid (shortcut = #) witch allow you to align objects with magnetism. I you want precise disposition, Inkscape has a good alignment tool.

I think boolean operations will be ok for the base of your logo (Draw three circles, decrease opacity a little will help you to arrange their disposition so that the center shape will form your shield. Select all three circles and use “Path>Object as path”, then select the circles two by two and perform “Path>Intersection”)
Rounded corners can be achieved by direct modification of the nodes, or using contract “Ctrl + (” and then expend “Ctrl + )” several times.

Use the same method to draw the curves (draw it from circles and boolean operations, arrange it on the top of the shield and carve it in the shield using booleans).

As your file will be light in weight I would recommend to duplicate (Ctrl + D) your objects at each step, so you will be able to start from a previous point without re-doing all of it again an again :slight_smile: )

Just ask if you need more help.

I want to do it the accurate way because i really want to learn how to do logos and stuff with inkscape…(and by the way there aren´t better pictures than the ones i already linked^^)
My problem is the start…i don´t know how to get the shape of the shield :frowning: I always start with bezier and try to get it …but this way it´s never gonna be symmetric or i have trouble with the corners that should be slightly rounded…
The boolean method seems to be a good solution -if I´ld get so far^^
i will keep on trying^^

ok…i think i started with a ellipse this time and i had a first small success:

the only thing thats not as i want is the symmetry…i miss something like the mirror modifier like in blender^^
(i would have faster “modeled” the shield as a plane object in blender ^^)
but of course it´s all about skills and shortcuts…i read in a forum that you can move points/knots to or away from eachother with “<” and “>” :slight_smile: that helped a lot too
THANKS for your support -especially the tip of using boolean operations was very helpful !!


thats how far i am with my project: (in this image used your shield :slight_smile: )

of course there´s still a lot to do^^ (materials & modelling)

Nice :slight_smile:

For you logo, you have to find which way feel the more comfortable to you.
To shape the base of your shield you can start from a triangle, subdivide all three edges and move the intermediates nodes to create the round shape.
About symmetry, the grid will certainly help you to align the points correctly.

You did a good job with booleans, with a little practice 2D logos won’t be a problem for you.

with subdivide you mean this ?:

is there a operation/command/shortcut to move the selection(a knot in my case) exactly one unit to the left or one unit to the right ?
oh…i found a nice site for inkscape keys :slight_smile: its shift+ <- or shift+ 2,4,6,8 on numb-tab

By subdivide I mean the “+” sign, just at the left out of your capture.
It will place a node in the middle of each selected segment.

oh…yes i see :slight_smile: thanks !

I am also using GIMP and inkscape for logo creation.They provide simple logo creation.I am suggesting microsoft paint that will provided shielded logo templet.