Logo design presented in Blender

Watch my new logo presentation made in blender:

Please feel free to comment.


Technically, certainly not bad.

Thematically, I have no idea what you are trying to convey.

My thoughts.

  1. Music sounds too much like Inception. People will think you’re unoriginal for doing that.
  2. What does a gun have to do with it? It seems like a forgotten bit of a demo reel that you crammed in there.
  3. What does that graffiti wall have to do with it? It seems like you lack confidence in the first presentation, so added another one just in case. Stick with one.
  4. What was all that stuff before showing the logo? It didn’t convey any information to me, or add anything to the aesthetics, either.

I have to agree with Kemmler here.

The gun and sign are both really good but they don’t really belong in there. The logo looks real nice though.

Kemmler: Music is from the upcoming Alien prequel ‘Prometheus’.

The way the letters are rotated, the first thing the my mind sees is GGM instead of GMG.
But thats just me…

^^ oh, in that case, people will think you’re an IP infringer, not just unoriginal. Get some CC’d or original music.

I will agree about the unoriginality of the music.

But the logo is for a small gang of old hiphoppers from the town of Hillerød in Denmark. GMG stands for “Gun Men Gangsters”. Hence the gun. And the sign is a typical danish city sign.