Logo Design - Prize 50 euros

This is a contest to create a logo for a new games development company.

We are just starting out, and are a team of two, hence the small prize - sorry that we can’t afford to give anything more at the moment.

The name of our company is LYGUE, (pronounced as League, or ligue).

We create games for mobile devices, currently for Pocket PC. This means that our logo must look good on a small screen. The logo would be reduced to environ 120x80 pixels when shown on a mobile device. It will also be used for our website, so it should look good in a slightly larger format aswell.

The logo shouldn’t be tied to a specific genre of games, so anything goes!

We’ll run this contest for the next 3 weeks. We’ll announce the winner on Monday the 27th of November.

The winner will receive 50 Euros (paypal or cheque).

This contest is open only to the Blender community (whether you choose to use Blender or not), we will be posting this competition only on this forum… so good luck and thanks in advance for your entries!

(If you have any questions please post them in this thread).

Does there need any copyright sign? Like ®,TM,© anything?

They wouldn’t be allowed to use the ® sign unless they’ve got it as a registered trademark which I find highly unlikly. TM they technically can’t either being brand spanking new and all.

A copyright sign on a logo is pretty usless and ugly; considering most applications of a logo there is already a copyright notice covering all material, you would hardly need it on the logo.

Hey, this sounds interesting. Do you think you could give us some background information of the company? Where the name came from? I would like to know some of your work ethics and what you offer to the gaming community. It always helps to have as much background knowledge as possible when designing logos. Thanks.


Hey all, maybe I´ll try my luck (if you can say this in english, don´t know^^)

Just have to find some time.

Should we post the entrys here in this thread?
And can we post more than one entry?

Hi all,

Here are some answers:

Master-noob: good question, there is no copyright sign. More precisely, we’ll add those kind of things later (when needed).

Fliberty: I will try to summarize the background. As I said, there are 2 people (me and my wife) and both are games addicts:D.
The idea came last year from the mobile game market itself: there was so many “bad” games out there… We thought we could make something better so here we are.
The “philosophy” of the company is designing “mobile games” not “games running on mobile devices”. I mean, creating games that take fully into account mobility constraints. I hope that was clear enough :o

Blenderist: entries should be posted only in this thread. You can post as many entries as you wish (with respect to the forum rules;)).

Where shall we post/send the entry?

Anyways, I’m in :smiley:

He said post them in this thread :slight_smile:

Marcus Gambit:

What do you exactly mean with ‘mobile games’, in denmark we call a cell phone, a mobile phone. But you said it was not for mobile devices?? Im a little confused here.

So, is it for computer, cellular phone, og perhaps PSP???

We do make games for mobile devices. Actually, only PDAs (Pocket PCs) until summer 2007. What I meant is that we don’t adapt a PC game on a mobile device. Our games are specifically designed for mobile devices.
For example, you have a lot of mobile games that uses dark graphics with low contrast. Even if it would look nice on PC, it’s not the right choice for a mobile device. If you are on the train, trying to play on a small screen (shaking, reflecting sun, etc.) you will need bright and contrasted graphics to not burn your eyes while playing :smiley:

This is what we do when designing a game. We try to take into account the circumstances (mobility in this case) in which the game would be played.

I hope I’ve been less confusing this time :wink:

Just curious, are these 2 program yours? http://www.pocketgear.com/products_search.asp?developerid=8403&sortBy=name&sortByOrder=asc

I might wanna try making the logo out but do you want just a still or a short animation? (like a swirly effects and stuffs?)

Is this what you had in mind?


Heres my first attempt.

Second :

My entry.

you think these details will still be displayed when downsized to 120x80 pixels?

I´m just wondering if it works

Here’s mine:

Color, full size and 80x80:


Monochrome, full size and 80x80:



These PNGs exported from SVG format (Scaleable Line Art)


3 possibles using True Pixels – low resolution images that can scale up without you ever seeing the pixels.


I can’t seam to desplay scaled up versions of the logos, but you can see them on my True Pixels page (scroll down)

Oh no - i’ve got the name wrong! I’ll sort it soon.

Model / Render done in Blender. No post pro.

Spelling now corrected! Click the images to enlarge them.


The wander of True Pixels is that these logos can be stretched to any size without any obvious problems with jaged pixel edges. See herefor info on how this works.