Logo design

I would like to model and animate a logo to precede my short films, but I’m not a graphic designer, and I don’t even have a 2D logo to work off of. Does anybody have any ideas, or know where to go to get ideas without hiring a graphic designer?

The text of the logo would be “Haymond Productions”. I prefer the simple/abstract logo style over photorealistic type stuff. I do like logos with special effects. For example, I really like logos like IMAX, Technicolor, Disney Blu-ray, and some of the Dolby Digital logos.

Well you could probably start with text and make it 3d and distort it in some cool way to get the brain juices flowing.

I’ll play around, and maybe I’ll come up with something cool.

I’ve tried it before. My avatar is my logo.

A good way to get going would be to follow the steps to good design :slight_smile:

  1. know what the project is (creating your logo)
  2. research your topic
  3. create thumbnails. Little sketch drawings just to get your ideas on paper. You should have several of these.
  4. rough out a thumbnail of your choice and see what improvements or changes you can make to it.
  5. Your Final logo. Ask around and see what others think!

and for future reference. Practice safe design. Use a concept. :slight_smile:

tell me what colours your looking for and ill have a look

I don’t have any specific colors in mind, but I want it to be professional, clean, and somewhat abstract. The text should be the main element with maybe some icon or image either to the side or integrated with the text. Something like Blender’s own logo is ideal: clean, abstract, etc. I don’t want an explosion of color, but neither do I want monochrome. Maybe something grayish or chrome with splashes of brighter colors, esp. blue, in the artwork. The animated version of the logo will be epic with great sound effects, black background, 3D elements, and maybe some light effects.

So I guess I do have an idea of what colors I want! Black, white, gray, chrome/silver, different shades of blue, etc.

something like this?
ignore the white dots, thats just because its been converted to jpg

i guess so.

That’s a good start. The font isn’t ideal; a little too bold. Also, I prefer Title Caps over ALL CAPS.

As far as colors, the blue/purple is a little strong. The text should probably be a solid color (white), with the icon art having simple colors, maybe two or three, and probably no gradients.See http://www.logogallery.net for ideas on the type of abstract logos I’m looking for. Some of the logos are monochrome, with everything one color. Others are multicolored, but the text is usually one color (often black or white). It should also be strictly 2D, in other words, no bevel or other 3D effects. Those will be added in the 3D version, but I’d like a 2D version that looks good in print.

As a correction to my last post, I’d like the 2D logo to be on a white background for display on web pages, etc. However, it must also look good on a black background. Obviously, the colors might have to be modified; for example, black text would have to be changed to white.

the black you see there is in fact what happened to the transparency when it converted to jpg, so it would fit on either background

OK, I didn’t know that.


I tried to make the iconic symbol for you, its meant to be a movie camera

Nice design. I definitely like the text on two lines. I might try to draw something up in Inkscape based on something like that.

hope I helped :slight_smile:

You have. By the way, what did you use to create that logo?