Logo embossed to mesh geometry

Assuming it can be done, what is the best way to emboss a logo on a sculpted mesh and make it part of the actual geometry?

I’m not quite sure but I think you can do something like that by using the boolean modifier. Position the Logo as you want it to be embossed on the mesh and add the boolean modifier to the mesh. Then choose the logo as object and try some operations.

The boolean modifier would be way too messy considering that the logo is probably not a low-poly object. Even if he was able to get it booleaned without loosing the detail in the logo, then it would more than likely create loads of tri’s and wipe out his edgeflow.

Must the logo actually alter the geometry? Generally speaking a digital sculptor will employ a bump map for the texture, this way he is able to keep his base mesh facecount low, while displaying fine details like an embossed logo. If it is absolutely necessary to alter the geometry then you should probably look at a displacement modifier in addition to your multi_res modifier.

I think this site might be a good resource for seeing how this is done. Remember even if you aren’t making a game object, the number of faces on your mesh will directly affect the render time.

Thanks for the input greyoxide. I am not interested in rendering the object. I want to export the model as an stl file and go to print. So, the logo must alter the geometry and not just “appear” to be there when rendered.

This is achieved with other high-end apps; I was just wondering if Blender can do it as well.

look at height maps using texture which creates a real 3D mesh

noob to pro site has a tut on this !


happy 2.5

Displacement modifier or use a texture and sculpting tools