Render time of the animation:45 min
Animation output is avi encoded with Xvid and 1024*768
Size:1,23 MB
Some settings:
Only one area lamp(square) with ray shadow (Samples:4,Umbra)
Sky:Angular Map
Logo:Both faces UV mapped and bump applied.
I was to rotate the yellow/dark blue sky with ipo ,but i forgot.Next time if i have an ample time i’ll add it and try ao.

This time i added grasses below the logo and I am currently trying to add wind to the scene.I am doing this by an empty with wind and moving it along a straight path.But the result is not satisfactory.You can see the outcome below(this time ray button is turned off for this is a test for the wind);


I wait for your recommendations for a constant and mild wind.

Hay - nice grass!

for the grass to actually move the wind has to be slightly NOT constant. Rotate-animate the wind empty. Animate the strength of the wind.

Hey,i need help to fix the grasses which penetrate the logo on the ground.I tried deflection and zero permeability but it didn’t work.


The easyist way to create a whole in the grass would be to cut a hole in the plane emitting it.

to yogyog:
I used to do so before but i want something really matches to my very need.The way you offer may cause some troubles if i change the composition.Every 3d work may have some tricks that make the work done but this time, for this matter i wanna know how it can be done the right way.