logo final version

I am just days away from publishing my website. Meanwhile, I finished a complete, poster-sized version of my logo. You can view it here:


I intend to use it to brand some products and sell them through Cafe-Press. I think it would look good on a pair of thongs or boxers :stuck_out_tongue: :expressionless:

Crits and comments are welcome. I wanted to try caustics too, but they wouldn’t show much on print…

looks nice!! yafray?

oh, and about the cafe press shop, i wouldnt do that if i where you. Program your own shop if you really need one, its not that hard. a bit of java and your done! :slight_smile:

i know im a buff, but i just cant stop myself…

That really turned out nice, when will your website be up? :smiley:

dreamsgate, how come you’re the only one asking when my site will be up? :wink: kinda strange… :smiley:

anyway, if everything goes as planned, it will be up in 4 to 5 days. I suggest you buy some thongs from my cafe-press shop :expressionless:

Yes, it is yafray. Yes, I will use cafe-press because they also print my merchandise, a thing I can’t really do by myself :wink:

You’ll find other variations of this logo in the gallery section when my site will be up.

dreamsgate, I will personally PM you when my site is up :wink:

I like the “gelatenous” look of the blue letters, but as a logo it is very busy and difficult to read. Nice to look at, but it gives me a headache when I try to read it.

As far as a model goes it is very well done and very festive.

I hope I’m not out of line here but what I am about to say is based on twenty plus years in my own company in the marketing and advertising business. Understand that what I do for a living is help small business people identify and target their market and train them to develop distinctive advertising. Part of that is to assist in the creation of company logos. And I have won national awards for my work. That long-winded and somewhat masturbatory rant having been said I offer you the number one rule for a logo.

An effective logo must be created so that it is recognized not only in its entirety but in part as well. I cite two very famous logos as examples. Coke and Pepsi. Certainly identifiable when complete but realize that if you saw only one half of either logo or even one quarter it would still have instant recognition. It is not an easy task but judging from your work I can tell that it is well within your abilities.

Hope this has been of help.


ummm…that was a praise…right? :o I’m afraid I can’t make out what you were trying to say…

It is not an easy task but judging from your work I can tell that it is well within your abilities.

Thank you :slight_smile: but what do you mean? Are you saying my logo can’t be recognized from half or even less? Maybe it’s because I’m not as famous as Pepsi or Coke yet :wink:

Anyway, this was the final, enlarged and complete logo. The actual webpage logo looks a little like the one on the bottom of this page :


I really should ask you to express your ideas a little more clearly :slight_smile: Not all of us are native English speakers :expressionless:

adyus: cool I’ll wait for the pm.

Sorry you didn’t understand what I was saying.

First, yes that was praise. I think you are a talented artist and have a good deal of potential.

Second, the model you posted first is not the same as the one you posted in your response to my comments. The second is far superior to the first, which was not much more than a fancy rendering of your web address. The second stands at much better chance at recognition.

Third, recognition has nothing to do with fame. Try this test. Show your logo around school to teachers and casual acquaintances, not close friends. In a couple of weeks take a small portion of your logo to the same people. If you get at least a fifty percent recognition rate you may congratulate yourself, if not it then becomes a personal decision as to reworking it or not. Remember that success comes not from rest but rather from constant motion.

Fourth, to rephrase what I said in my first reply. You can do it.

If this advice helps, good, that is its goal.


Thank you so much for that advice. It’s the first time anyone takes me seriously (even I don’t take myself so seriously yet :slight_smile: )

I was thinking of using the big, fancy rendering of my web address on the merchandise I will sell through cafe press. I thought if I only posted the short version, people wouldn’t know where it was bought from and what it represents. I guess you’d advise me to use the short logo. I probably will.

About the recognition test, I thought of a more simple and natural approach. I’ll give my site address to various people without telling them to specifically remember the logo, then after a while I’ll show them half a logo and either ask them to draw the other half or tell me where it’s from. How’s that?

Once again, thank you for your excellent advice and for taking me so seriously (I still think it was a lucky render…)

I should start designing some other logos, even if only on paper. I am currently studying textures.