Logo for CMA

Hey guys, I’ve been developing this log for my work and I was wanting some idea/crits before I submit it as done.

Rendered with Blender internal, AO, x16 FSAA, 1 area light, 1 sun light.
Nothing special in the settings, just a basic scene.




I like the concept, but how is it going to be used? unless it’s really going to be big and visible, you might want to beef up the contrast/color to make it a little less “gray”

That’s extremely cool. The image would look better if it were sharper. Better antiliasing.

Also, for myself at least, I would put some reflection on the letters (not a lot, but enough to give the image some gloss), and maybe some sharper directional light.

I agree with 3distracted on the contrast too. Some simple post-pro would take care of that.

I’ll show you one of the earlier images with higher contrast.

I’ll also try one with a bit of reflection.

This will most likely be the splash for our website.

Thanks for the comments guys.


Heres the latest render, with a darker background to add to the contrast… I tried one with some reflection, but it didnt look very good at all because there isnt much to reflect.



First one for me, but there’s too much grain on it.

yeah, the AO is low on it to keep render times down during tests.

So you rather the one without the Area light? That first image has ray traced shadows with a Sun lamp.


A new image…