Logo for honey producer

I worked on this for 2 weeks, just a few hours each day.
A honey producer want a logo for his brand MielPampa, and a logo and some grafics, to add ploters in his trucks etc etc.
I did the flower in 1 day, the bee took me almost the 2 weeks. I had NO IDEA about particles, I became mad getting the right setup…it was hard to get a good light setup that do not mess up the particles. Most of it are subsurfed uvspheres and tubes, extruded and extruded. It´s all procedural textures, except the wings (alpha transparency map, color map, and bump map)
By the way, in spanish, miel means honey.

Some screenshots


Here´s the final render on the logo

And here´s a close up of the bee embeded on the logo

I´m sorry for the water marks on the renders, but it will be registered amd i do not want troubles.
Hope you like it.

great job. the only thing I clould propose is, that maybe you should try making some soft shadow under the flower.

The bee is awesome! Particles?

I like the composition. Hope they like it too.

kroopson, thanks for the proposal, I´ll try it.

Oh my! :o
This bee is one of the most superb models I’ve ever seen!

Congrats Avier! :smiley:
I wonder, how huge is going to be the render to plotter for the trucks.

Very nice, the bee looks great.

Looks great! The bee is fantastic!!

The flower looks a little unbalanced because it has so little detail compared to the bee. I’d say add just a little bit of very light coloring to the pedals so they arn’t the exact same color as the background and perhaps a bit of a shadow.

Really incredible looking though!

Very good work!

I agree with BGog that the level of detail looks a bit unbalanced, but I would try to decrease the details of the bee (I know, it’s a fantastic model and this might hurt :D).

And yes, a bit more shading on the flower would be nice, it looks white on white. It’s already a great logo, the font looks very clean and stylish - is it a handmade curve?

Wow, great design, very well done. The bee is stunning. I would love to see the settings of your static particles and if possible, it’s material. Great job.
I would also like to see some shadow casted by the flower on the background. I would suggest (because some here mentioned the not perfectaly balanced detail level in hte pic, I agree with that) to create a slight bumpmap (just a very fine one, even without a colourmap) for the flower to see some slight stripes on it’s “wings”.
Here’s what I mean.
(Perhaps it is not the perfect excample because this isn’t like your flower at all, but it shows what I mean with the bump on the leaves.)

(When the final project is finished, do we all get a pot of honey send to our homes? :P)

This is first class stuff. :slight_smile: I actually have no problem with the flower.

I like it a lot! great work. The only thing is see is that the flower, although good, does not seem to match the almost photoreal quality of the bee.

Nice render /image for sure,
The style of the flower and bee is noticbily different, IMO would have given a better impact if the bee was more like the flower (as the flower is the closet match to the text, style wise)

Can’t say i’m fond of the falling pollen and i’m not too fond of the bee, i’m a simplistic person and the flower + logo (asuming the text is the logo) is a great matching piece…

Not going to tell you how to do your work or anything, as it is your work and only my opinion, but it’s still a nice image in the end of the day.

Well done on the bee, I love the detail in the wings

i love it !

Top quality; no crits here. Congratulations!

Great picture but the bee looks more like a wasp to me because I’m used to seeing bumblebees, which are more fat and friendly looking. That style looks more menacing. I’ve seen bees like that though.

I don’t know about using that sort of thing as a logo. Logos tend to be more simplistic - the flower would fit that bill. When you’re printing a lot of material, it might be expensive in terms of ink use due to all the tiny hairs on the bee.

None of that stops the picture looking awesome though. Superb modelling and the colour scheme really gives the feeling of honey.

Let me guess - you’re using Windows with a Mac theme right? Had me confused for a bit.

it might be expensive in terms of ink use due to all the tiny hairs on the bee.

detail doesn’t affect price or ink use on press. what affects price is the number of inks used. most full colour printing uses 4 inks (CMYK). ideally a company logo should be reproducible in one or two colours. i think this one could be easily adapted to print using only a pms yellow and black ink. the rule doesn’t usually apply to brand logos, which can be reproduced in any inks used on the packaging. (usually CMYK plus several specials).

okay here’s my critique. i agree with others’ comments about the flower. it looks fantastic in isolation but doesn’t seem to match the bee (and vice versa), so either the flower should become more detailed or the bee should be simplified. personally i’d lean toward the latter, and make the bee more iconic.

also, it seems like the bee needs to be closer to the flower. i’d leave the flower where it is and place the bee over the ‘M’ but not touching it. the bee silhouette is too complex to register when it overlaps a letterform, even though it looks great up close it gets lost at a distance. the flower also disappears against the white background.

hope this helps. i don’t know the special challenges/conditions you’ve had to deal with on this project so if any part of this doesn’t apply then please ignore.


excellent! but i definately recomend a texture for the pedals on the flower. the bee is crazy though!

Judging from Avier’s first post, the text is the actual logo. The image he is showing us is the “logo & graphics”.

Details don’t increase costs, using more ink does. If the details add more ink, it’ll cost more, but in this example… it’s not going to affect it by much… probabily 1 penny per 2mill printed? lol =)

yes, the cost of ink is negligible. it’s the number of inks that costs more.

to the person who said the detail on the bee will cost more in ink, please if you don’t know something for a fact don’t just make it up. it creates unnecessary confusion.