Logo for my wife's buisness

This is a logo I made for my wife, it’s still a work in progress, I’m still learning blender and haven’t completely got a hang of particles and physics, so I created the grass by hand. The grass consists of about 8 million vertices.

Concept is good but i say get rid of the grass. adn replace with a white background, maybe with a light brown gradient on top.
Too much green right now

When you make a logo, you’ve got to consider how it will print in B+W, and low rez, small etc. It’s a nice image, but it’s too complicated.


Nice and clear. Brooks brothers = $. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Make it clear. Here’s mine (It’s what’s called a “Word Mark”, like Coke, or IBM:

I’m only being so tough because business is business. Your wife wants to make $, and as a small business owner myself, I can empathize.

Yeah definitely get rid of all complexity.
Although i think the tree with the 2 letters is perfectly fine.
Remember K.I.S.S.(“Keep it simple, Stupid!”)

Yes, the tree with the letters as the roots on a white (clear) background would be nice.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ll give it a run. The whole thing kinda resulted in me combining two things I wanted to do together.

reminded me instantly of http://www.khanacademy.org/ logo

Upadate with a white background.

Better. Sorry, but don’t make it 3d. Straight on, no shadow. The shadow would get lost when printed in black and white, in low rez, or tiny on a business card. I like the letters and the leaves, but think about its usability, and how it would fit on various documents, like a business card, invoice, letterhead etc.

I know what you’re saying, she has the logo in 2D on all her buisness cards. It’s not for that purpose, just having fun really.