Logo for "Our Burning Day"


I just got hired to make a bunch of stuff for this band. I actually used Blender to make the biohazard symbol, using just planes and points, rendered with a transparent background. I loaded it into photoshop and worked with it for a while and thats the result.

What do you guys think?

looks metallic… is it a heavy metal band?

I love making art for metal bands!

Yeah, its supposed to be Rock/Metal. Haven’t heard em yet, its a local band just starting out and they wanted some stuff. Thanks for the replies!

yes i also think the same…it looks like a metal of maroonish or dark red color…but overall its just amazing…very nice designing and theme…good job…

It’s an awesome design I love the textures. My only comment is the bio-hazard sign could look more metallic. Right now it looks sort of paperish. But still even if you left it is still cool.