Logo for record label - Critique needed


I’m currently developing a logo for a record label (“Music is Magic”) and seeking opinions here, as I’m again in a totally uncreative phase where I don’t even know myself if I’m producing total crap or not.

Any ideas, suggestions, etc. are welcome… and please vote which you like best!

Keep in mind the logo will be displayed on a cd, so it’s very small.
Therefore 3 has my vote but the text will be hard to read.

You’re right, I should make a test print in actual estimated size and see if it’s still readable, though I assume so…

Mine vote goes to three as well… it’s probably the only really vissible one out of them 5

I’ve put the logo (Version 2 - my favourite) in a cover mockup, and well, i’ve scaled it so that the “music is magic” phrase’s vertical main part (don’t know the English word) is 1 mm high - which is well readable on actual covers I have here…

Here’s a JPEG, it’s roughly print size when viewed on a 19" monitor at 1280x960:

well i all-so voted for the 3rd tho i like the first one too! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the “script-like” ones more because they’re actually supposed to depict a stylized sine curve (music… sine curve… and all that…) - but I guess not many will have the same idea when looking at it… :slight_smile:

Yeah, three is great. Strong, modern, edgey…
great work man

My Two, no Four Cents:

I choose 4 since it incorperates the star, which gives it a modern “magic” look. :cool:
I like 3 personally, but it may be too hard edged and generic to be unique enough for a logo…
2, and 5 kind of look like you could of done it in word in a few minutes… (No offense…:o)
1 is better than 2 and 5 since its looks bolder, maybe replace the dot with a star like 5?

To me, 4 is the best since it is both magic and modern, and it just looks cool:eyebrowlift: .

EDIT: About your sine curve comment, this is a music album, not a math learning CD.:rolleyes:

Depending on the style your record label would be I’d go for 3 or 5. If it’s electronic 3, if it’s something else 5.


I think number 1 is the most creative.
The play of the waveform creating the letters is nice.

I like 1 better than 2 & 5 because the bolder waveform is a little nicer, and the script for the words doesn’t really do anything for me. I also like the contrast of the non-flowing words with the flowing graphic.

You might want to make the waveform slightly bolder (about the stroke width of the text below it) and try the star instead of the dot.

3 & 4 are ok. They’re clean - but there really isn’t anything there that says “music” more than anything else … Meat is Magic, Money is Meaningful, etc. It really could be anything as the design doesn’t relate to the subject in any way.

My personal favorite would be 1, but with a star, and possibly with something to emphasize that the line is a soundwave.

What kind of music does the label do?

5 its stylish and it has the mystycal star on the i. its perfect for the name

Number three just works.

It really depends on the style of music you’re going to be producing.
#3 works for very contemporary music.
#2 works for easy listening.
#1 works for anything - it’s my favorite.

From the voting, #3 seems to be the clear winner, but keep in mind - we’re BlenderHeads and we tend to be geeks ;-).