logo for server

this is another item of paid work that i am doing.


i have said about $90 USD for it so far, i havn’t heard back from the guy so i am not sure if he likes it or not.

but yeah i hope he does

oh and a concept for taking it further if so needed



interesting…I did somthing very similar a while back
although i think this ones better :slight_smile:


i like it, but i think on the second one, the brick effect should be way less, i cant read it easily, its hard on the eyes

Looks good.
One can’t tell there’s water with the brickwall effect. I agree with skeletor, it’s too strong.

Maybe you should make the blck/white outlines of the text a little stronger and make the red/orange smaller / more subtle.
To make it better readable and crispier.

I thought you were in New Zealand? What are you doing an image of the Toronto shore line for? :stuck_out_tongue:

The first one is nice. The second one with the bricks, is IMO, just aweful looking. Not pleasing to the eye at all. Sorry.


lol is it toronto??

i just chose a random picture that looked good to draw LOL

as for the brick one, i think that if the entire wall were visable around the sides of the painting, and the brick effect wasn’t just the default photoshop texture, it might look like someone tagged the entire thing.


hey, make that tall building go throught the loop of “o” :slight_smile:


I prefer the non textured one. Also, basse’s idea with the O is good.

That “tall building” is the CN Tower in downtown Toronto, BTW.

Was formerly, the tallest building in the world.

Good suggestion basse. :slight_smile: