Logo Help

Okay well a while back someone helped me out with my websites logo and it worked out great so. I have another question and this is charity only. I was just wondering two things one is I would like a logo to rotate and be very shiny and white. If that’s okay with all of you. Second is I need some help with my website right now it totally sucks so some advice would be great but that’s another wip. Anyway allright the logo is below

and here is the website http://www.codegeekers.net.

Also could i get the logo to have a shine like this car?

Id be glad to help. Are you planing to put the rotating logo o the site or what.

Question are that G and the C bolth white.

wow that was a fast reply and no there both not white and yes on the site. I’m going to have it rotate kind of like cars on a turntable at a carlot. No one will be green the other white. I will have a white background on the page. Also if you can I can match the colours myself but if you can make the edges able to be meshed to the same colour as the white so that it kind of has an infinity edge.

Could you send me a downloaded font of wat you used for the lettering.

oh lol i forgot about that ^^!

CRAP I can’t find the font I used. Is there an easy way to indentify it other than looking at every font I might have used in powerpoint. Sigh…is there a way to do without?

Hmm I might be able to use a different font what is the loc rot key again.

Ok ive got lettering done and lighting i decresed the alpha a bit. I now neeedd to work on shine. Any suggestions on a shader i can use to make it shiny. Oren Nayer or what.

ok ive got output pictures will thiss have to be gif or what format.

Lolz not a clue sorry that’s why I’m asking lolz ^^ i’m too noobish to make my own. Sorry…

I saved in gif format hope you like. Im not sure if its the way you wanted it. The green came out kind of dark.


That’s good it just needs a little tweaking. Look instead of making it rotate at the end make it rotate in the middle. Extrude both letters out and make them into one letter with different coloring. Then smotth them and try adding the gloss thing. Lolz I may be a nub but i’m one hell of a critic.

sorry if i’m to demanding lolz

ok when i made the letters i tried to join them its not worling is it ok if i do this in the morning im gettin kinda tired its late over here

lol yeh by the way I read your post for logo jobs. Lolz you can use mine as an example. Just when i’m done posting on my website you can say you designed the one for my website. Anyways yeah i’m going to sleep now too it’s just now 10:30.


Sorry for the hold up. Im still working on getting it centered sorry about taking so long

That font looks a lot like garamond, in case you haven’t found it out yet.

It is actually thanks.

hey Hiower do you know how if I made the logo I could get it to have a shine like on that car up there?