Logo: I need your ideas!!!

I’m currently working on my software site, but I have real trouble coming up with a logo. I though maybe you guys could help me out and give me some ideas. The name is ‘code of hell’.

I like the name, but the ‘of’ really bothers me. I can’t come up with a layout because of it. ‘Code’ and ‘Hell’ are both 4 letter, so I could put hell under code, but the ‘of’ messes everything up. I almost think of getting a new domain, just two words. The only layout I like so far is all text uppercase each word next to each other.

How I see it:
So the text is all uppercase ‘CODE OF HELL’. I’m not yet sure about the material for the text, but I would love to add realistic fire n some smoke to it. Maybe the material could be glowing hot metal? I would love to keep it black though, or ‘burnt’ looking.

Check the attachment. The logo is going to appear as there was a hole/crack in the background and the logo sits in the hole. In the hole I’m thinking to put in some lava/fire, so the text appears ‘of hell’ lol

That’s how I picture it. I would love to get any tips/ideas/advice. I wish there was a better way to represent code. I was thinking to put actual code into the logo and the code makes out letters of the logo, but I couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted it. What do you think?

P.S: How can I apply displace modifier to a text (after it’s converted to mesh) and make the displace look even and smooth on all the sides of text? I can easily do this by subdividing a cube and applying displace, but for text, it looks like total crap! Any tips on that? Thanks!



I honestly would consider dropping this Hell thing
and be more serious when you put so much work
into your own software website.

What you like can make others simply close the website.

imho - code of hell sounds like a nasty virus.
maybe think of another name. ‘codefire’ or ‘scriptwise’ [off the top of my head]

what’s the purpose? this always helps :slight_smile:

I agree with cekuhnen.
Especially if this for a business and not just a “software related” site. I would put some more thought into your target customer/audience and how they are going to perceive buying “Code Of Hell” before spending too much time on a logo.

You can maybe look into code and an adjective you think that fits you:

code design
code well
code smart

Or you can also use code and a noun which represents a value
code forge
code works
code product

You could call it The Super Virus From Hell II: Electric Boogaloo.

What is Code of Hell? Sound like the game Dark Messiah or something, what is this software for and what does it do?

I agree with all the above, but I enjoyed making that mock up XD

Thank you everybody for the input!

The site focuses on network/web applications. This site is more like a hobby than a business. Many tools that I’m going to release are going to be open source or free alternatives to some tools I find lack of quality and overpriced. I’m also planning to sell some of my tools in limited edition. In addition, I’m going to post articles on network programming and other network/web related stuff. With this site, I want to show off my work, both software and design, that’s why I focus so much on the graphics.

yeah, that’s the idea, but I want it to look photo realistic though.

English is not my mothers language so I was unsure if it sounds cheesy or not lol. I don’t think the name will have noticeable effect on customers in a sense of scaring them away, but you never know.

I was thinking [word]software.com, but if I want to use single word, I have to find a not so frequent word in english, because all the common *software.com variations are taken. Two words + software.com seems like too much.

If you guys have any more suggestions I would love to hear them.

hell has two uses in english, its a place in religious terms, but something can described as hell to make it unpleasant.

how about something like firebrandsoftware.com something like that couls sound cool.
run anything by us before you buy though so we can tell you if it works in english