logo ideas

i got this job to do a new telecommunication company logo with animation, but thing is i’m no good in making ideas but in applying them,:eek:

if some one could help me with this i’d be grateful,:o
or direct me to something would be good too :smiley:

the company name is ranna, which means a single ringing :spin:

thanks in advance :RocknRoll:

Ive recently done a couple of logo designs and one with an animation for companies and some for a work experience project.
Check out this (to see the process I went through over about 2 weeks to create a logo and animation) Note that I spent the first whole week researching the company and developing the logo which turned out to be very simple. So it might not look like much, but its still a lot of time and work to get right.

The way I approach such a project is to look at the company and what they do, look at the stuff their selling and what kinds of logos or objects would be suitable for them as a logo. Also remember that the best logos are simple. See in my video how the logo started off somewhat complex, then developed into something balanced and simple. That cannot be stressed enough. And the logo should transpose into a black and white logo. Which means that even if the logo you make features a lot of colour, it should still be strong and identifiable when put in black and white (think about letterheads and places where the simplest form of the logo will appear)

Look at some other logos and animations done for other companies as well, it can be good to see what they have.

Do you have a time limit for the animation? Im guessing its a short ‘sting’ (sting is the industry term for the short animation which goes with the logo) Keep the sting simple as well, dont make it more than 12 seconds (unless they want something different) Some of the best logo stings Ive ever seen go for only a couple of seconds, if its good enough it really doesnt need to go for over 12 seconds (12 seconds is still a long time)

Is there anything which sets this company apart from others? Ranna? A single ringing like a bell phone or something? That could be incorporated into the sting, you could have some sfx go off once and the logo appear in some way.

More info about the company and what they do and Ill help you develop some ideas. For me developing the initial ideas and seeing how they progress is one of the best parts :yes:

As it seems AD-Edge has shown, I would recommend that you start with what looks good as 2D, because if it doesn’t work like that it won’t be acceptable to the client. Once you get approval for the 2D, the 3D and animation should be easy.

AD-Edge, great job for 3 weeks work. Only crits are that your subsurf of the speaker kind of messed it up.

Ah yes, I should have made it more obvious I was talking about a 2D logo. Once you have that then you could somewhat make it 3D. Or make something 3D which turns into the 2D logo (like I did). Ive seen so many terrible 3D logos… And so many terrible 2D logos, a lot of people starting out doing these designs seem to think that 3D is ‘betterer’ so they make everything 3D. :no:

Thanks :yes: And yeh the speaker wasnt perfect, but I made it the final night before my final day of work experience. Too much time working on the logo it seems :wink:
The final sting I made was also a hundred times simpler than the initial script I wrote for it. I found that my initial idea went for about 20 seconds instead of the 6 seconds it had to be. So it was a matter of cutting it down until it was just a simple motion outwards to revel the logo. Learnt a hell of a lot making it all though :slight_smile:

thanks guys for the ideas, it enhanced my workflow i bit.

i did earlier an animation to the logo and it suck here is the link.

tell me what you think :slight_smile:

The video seems to be set to private :wink:

sorry, it’s my 1st time in youtube
i updated the settings

Since ranna means ringing once, maybe a bell should be in your logo.

that’s why i’m asking here, a bell is out of the question i already thought about that.
how to make a ringing animation in it,

BTW are the logo ok !???


aren’t U overdoing it with the rigged fiber optics?
There is too much distraction in the background.
One piece would be enough to communicate the point.


the question I have seeing the work is what is the point of the
rings going back to the left.

the rings hide the letters, make them hard to read, and thus
posses the problem that a viewer will ignore it.

if your concept is that the rings come from the left and than
generate the letters, let the rings flow out of the space on the right.

You can afterwards still make them fade in at their finale destination.

If you think about rings and communication the rings can also come
from three directions (network) and then the letters will fade in on their own.

to animate you can either move the word and shake it or make the
three rings vibrate. Simple, visually not over stimulating, efficient.

Just a suggestion.

i’m not limited to to idea you see in the video, any totally different ideas will be welcome too.
the thing is i want to apply the idea of ringing once in the video, but where?, the logo needs to be changed?
i’m trying to figure out a connection between a telecommunication and objects, so i could get out something, BTW the company are mobile only.

Yeh more than likely.

The logo looks pretty good I reckon, its nice and simple. The animation needs to be redone completely though. Before you even start it try to think of some ideas which can connect the rings to mobile telicommunications etc. Perhaps the rings could represent the sound of the single ringing.