LOGO : IZM : ACME choice of a new generation of animators

I have a story to tell which is bigger than I can do in one sitting.
Right now I’m still working up prop libraries and sets, so if you
want to influence me in my formative years, here’s your chance.

I’ve split the story into 14 episodes, and have a general development
plan so that each month or so I can advance the marker on one
phase of the project by a few yards. This month’s project winds down
on the 15th Nov, and I get the decorations out of the attic to begin
trimming the tree.

In keeping with the theme of Remembrance my characters are captured
by the nefarious International Zoological Monopoly (corporate mission
statement: Catch 'em All!) which intends to extract their alien DNA and
patent it.

I’ve made a couple passes at its logo, but I’m not satisfied with it.

First pass:


This acheives part of my goal, to echo the graphical starkness of the
swastika, but does not translate well into three dimensions.


Any suggestions, +/- , will be gladly accepted.

If you come up with something of your own that youre willing to let me
use, post an image. If, in my sole discretion, I decide to use it, I’d
credit you in future productions. Not much of a prize, I know, but if I
could afford to hire a team of animators, i would. :-?

Anyway., its not a contest, something much more colaborative.

A final note. I’m dealing with a dark theme in a light-hearted manner.
I want accessibility to a wide age range – relevant to an adult audience,
without troubling the toddlers. (I like to imagine I have a job, and can
work to whatever spec is handed to me) :wink: I’m not above slapstick
(IZM is proud to use ACME products, choice of a new generation of
animators) but dripping gore is not what the spec calls for.


i think that secound logo is great !! use that but in just vectors i hope you have a good reason for using the swach tho i really hate racists!!

I don’t think the logo is for the animation, its the logo of that evil company and thats why he’s using the swastica. Very good idea in my opinion. Subconsiosly im sure that it brings fear or hostility towards it, into most peoples minds

For gosh sakes, please, don’t misunderstand what i’m doing here. . .

The whole point is that it’s =not= a swastika, just an intense
icon that (vaguely) resembles it. The symbol itself with all its
TM and ® marks is a protest against the ways in which a
corporate branding mentality substitutes logo identification for
the individual’s quest for identity resulting in the mindless,
uncritical acceptance of banal truism for rational thought.

The name is also supposed to represent how the exploitation of
intellectual property (e.g. software patents, genetic modification,
brand loyalty, look and feel trademarking, longer patent durations,
expansions of copyright law, and a host of other
travesties typical of our age) serves ultimately to alienate what by
common law and tradition is taken to be Public Domain.

IZM (which is roundly defeated by the forces of goodness and
decency faster than you can drop a 20 ton weight) is not a logo of
a company I’m trying to promote, but that of a fictional villain, which
itself embodies much of the post-millenial malaise.

Woody Allen, where are you when I need you?

IZM, in short, is any orthodoxy which may serve as a substitute
for rational thought and fellow feeling.

Fasc-IZM, capital-IZM, commercial-IZM, monopol-IZM, commun-IZM,
conservativ-IZM, fundamental-IZM, are just a few of the faces of this
multi-headed multi-national. (And, for balance, I take a few pokes at
vegetarian-IZM, consumer-IZM, terror-IZM and cynic-IZM as well).

Maybe a quote from St. John of Lennon will help clarify my position:

Everybody’s taking about bagizm, dragizm…
This-izm, that-izm : IZMism.


wo, wut an intense meaning, should be good! could you tell us more about it? setting? plot? charecters?

You can get a quick synopsis of the first six episodes at


This set is introduced in episode four.

At this point my little space aliens have made friends with
Earth Kids, but the Adult world (IZM) is about to intrude big-time.

During their captivity in the laboratories of IZM, my characters (the Smoos),
tell stories of the planet they have left behind as a series of narrated
flashbacks intercut with capture, chase scenes, the rescue attempt, and eventual escape.

There’s no philosophizing about the “meaning” of IZM, of course.

It’s just that to create a convincing reality, you sometimes have to construct subtexts and hidden layers which are not directly portrayed
to viewer.

But the author still has to know them.