Logo / later on logo for Enemy territory frag movie

NOTE this Project has been frozen til i am more familiar with blender
im going on with my chessboard, but didnt want to start a new post
im trying to render a logo, first static,
later as an avi to use in a enemy territory frag movie as intro logo.

here is my first rendering.
i want to give it a silver like look.
like the guy in terminator 2.
if any body has any ideas, please let me know.

im new 2 blender, so please dont expect to much.


im not sure whether to use a texture, or define a material…

after watchin greybeards video tut, i decided to try to creat a whole chess set.
i did finish the towers, but i cant get 2 of them in white or black.
either all 4 towers are black or white.
this is irritates me.
i made the towers as an extra .blend file but i found no way to merge the 20 pawns with the tower model.
so i exported the tower as dxf and imported that.
than i exported another dxf from the tower but again, all towers where white or black, please help ;(


latest rendering:

Hi, sounds like you have all the castles set to use the same material. Best way to do this I would suggest is to use 2 materials (one black and 1 white).
Go to a chess piece you allready have set to white and rename the material as white and then the same with a black piece. (click in the top left text box in the materials tab to type in your own name the default name is often MA: material.001 or something similar).
Then click on the little button to the left of this name box on each piece and select either black or white. (holding the mouse over this will display a helptip with something about browseing existing choices).

Other than that the problem might be that you have made all the castles as 1 object and not individual objects. If this is the case select the vertices for each castle in turn and press ‘P’. this will make the selected vertices a seperate object.

Hope this helps,


The guy in Terminator 2 is a more liquid-like metal. I would use a material with a high specularity and hardness. The cop from T2 was also very reflective. To do this(if you already know how just disregard what I’m about to tell you), in the material settings, choose the Mirror Transp tab and click on Ray Mirror. Raise the RayMir value up a lot. To make it appear reflective you must put some objects around it to reflect. Otherwise it’ll just look transparent. You could also use environment maps, I guess. Hope this helps.

It sounds like your castles are instances and not duplicates. The hot key to make an instance (where their materials and mesh data are shared) is Alt-D. To make a duplicate (non-linked) the hot key is Shift-D.

You can also select two of your castles and press Alt-L to unlink their attributes.

at last i managed to assign the towers the color i wanted.
dont asked me how i did it, but it worked fine for me.
i exported the tower as vmrl and than imported as vrml into the file. chess.blend.
a quite unusual way i know, but the only way to achive my goals :wink:
thanks for the tips guys.
yes, i guess i pressed alt+d once. that was a failure.
normally i use shift+d to copy.


i got another problem, please dont lough @ me. If you do i dont mind :smiley:

the renders you see are actual desktop captures with the “print”-key and then croped with photoshop.

  1. is there a way to make blender to save the render direktly as a jpg?
  2. how can i change this “blue” background?


1: Hit F10
Select jpeg in the format section (next to the green crop button)
Press the extension button so it is activated (Output section, bottom right)
Hit F12 (or you can simply press the big render button)
Hit F3 and name your file like: myname.jpg
If you don’t include the .jpg now you will have to add it later on when you want to watch the image again.

2: Hit F10
Look at the buttons in the bottom left corner of the Render section.
They are named ‘sky’ ‘premul’ and ‘key’
You probably need premul, but if you move your mouse over the buttons you get an explanation.

I hope that helps.

EDIT for 2:
Here is a method to set your own world colour:
Hit F5
Click on the small globe (it’s in a bar together with a lamp, a sphere, a tiger print motive and a nuclear sign)
Define what you want your world to look like.

guys i wann thank you all.

those tips were really helpful.

so i sended the links to a friend, and he did a quick render in 3dsmax.
we are battlin now,
see the results below.


im not very happy about the lights in my scene, but i can live with that right now.
perhaps i should zoom in a bit.

I remember a great chessboard by rusmannx. The thread is over here: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=36349

However as you can see the pictures aren’t showing up anymore. One picture of it can still be found here:

This is in my opinion not the best view of it though. Perhaps you can send rusmannx a message, because he might be able to help you to improve your image and win the battle ;).

so i guess i made it.
here is another render.
he said the knight would be to difficult

i guess my ones not to bad :slight_smile:


turn on OSA in the render window, it will get rid of that crusty looking edges.

thx i must have missed that.

hi again,

im havin trouble with the bishop.
actually with the cut on top.

i removed some edges but i lools really nasty.

is there a way to ad new “fields” or edges?


What do you mean by ‘fields’?

i give you some renders to explain my problem.

this is what i called “fields”
the selected points (yellow) mak a field.

how can i close those gaps?

all i want is this little cut on the top:
No. 5 is the bishop. notice its top.

If you want to add a face (or “field”) select 4 (or 3) points and press the F key.
And if you want to create new edges or vertices, use the K key and then Face loop cut, or Knife (if you use the knife tool, don’t forget to select the edges you want to cut)

thx im gonna try this, but i hope there is a more satisfing way :slight_smile:

Why don’t you use a boolean operation to subtract a flattened cylinder from an uncut bishop?

nice idea,
so i tried a tille study:

so i tried difference:
an the result is really weird.
it looks like skin.


hi guys,
its update time for my little chessboard project.
all figures have been added.
i guess its finished so far but if you have any ideas/sugesstions, please let me know.