Logo Lights

I’m trying to make a logo for a DJ friend of mine, DJ RACTER. I want some DJ-looking lights around it, but I haven’t experienced with lights much, so any suggestions for creating those kind of lights? I have one of the lights made, and I will duplicate them with a different color for each. Here is the .blend fileif you want to play with it.

I made a center green UVsphere. have the shape of the light made out: ( You may want to click the images to see a bigger view, zoom in the separate window)


Do you have a reference image for the type of light or the light effect you are trying to reproduce? If so, post it so we can see what you are trying to achieve.

Sorry, I did not get enough angles for the light I made in Blender. I posted some new angles, and you can also use the .blend file. It should be small.
Ok, Here is the basic shape of the light. the top of the cone is the back of the light, and the bottom of the cone is the front.
Now here is the lighting effect I want achieved- it is the green one, the top right (3rd one)
Similair to a ray of light spreading out.
This is the light case shape:


Ignore everything- I did a little playing around with spotlights and halos- i got the effect I wanted. I will post in WIP later.

check the blender nation site
i’v seen a LOGO using light video tut there - this may help you on your project