Logo Request..

I was wondering if there are any photoshop gurus out there that can make me a logo. I need this http://www.homeeducationhelper.com/crest.gif combined with
an image of bagpipes or a bagpipe such as this: http://www.piperkeith.com/GIFs/funeral-bagpiper.jpg (not recommending that pic but just an example) with the words “University pipes and drums” done in a stylish way, preferably with a blue and white theme since thats my schools colors. If this is the wrong forum forgive me…Thanks in advance!

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lol sago :stuck_out_tongue:
That was kinda dirty to do

Except for the text, that is a cool design. Can you please remove the text and replace it with the one I requested…I dont think that would go over too well at my school :wink:

Took me three hours to do it in Gimp.
No need for money. Just a thank you is enough.


LOL! Maybe he will use that.

Ok never mind… :expressionless:

Sorry about these guys. They’re wackos :stuck_out_tongue: , and so am I, well actually a nut :stuck_out_tongue: .

Well, here’s a logo I made the same way as Sago’s because you seemed to like it. I didn’t add the piping stuff, I think it’s just Sago’s own logo, he might have it as a tag of his motorcycle gang or something ;).


If you want to use this image for the logo, it’d probably be nice to ask this gentleman first. There is his email address.

here I made something. I was in school while I made these.

logo big http://users.evtek.fi/~petrij/logo.jpg

logo with an image and text http://users.evtek.fi/~petrij/logo2.jpg

in psd


Sorry about the image quality, the photo is kinda low res.

For my christian brother :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine looks way better than yours. :smiley:

Heja Sverige.