Logo - Software startup

Hello there,

For over two years now I have been working in my spare time on a software project which I hope to turn into a new startup company
I have tried (and failed) to create my own logo, now after stumbling accross your wonderful site, I have decided to ask for some help.

I don’t have a very big budget, all I have is my savings, so I would like to ask if someone would be willing to help me for free.
But in the future I might like to try aand get some funding on Indiegogo, so the logo will be used for the funding page.

I have created a GitHub repo which explains a little and contains my failed attempts.
My demo website for my project is here if you would like to know a little about what I have been doing.

The material can be left black, I can fill that in, I could also manage the lighting as well.
This is a logo, so it will be kinda a 2D top-down render with no shadow.

Let me know what you think.



Yeah I Could do that, I would just need a bit of info o the company and the kind of logo and colors you dont have to go in detail but just a bit more info, and in your github page I see the logos are in blender, I was just wondering If i could use other software

My Email
[email protected]

here is what I did in blender took me about 15mins(just an example) but if you like it you are free to use it if you want to:

Awesome thanks!
I have sent you an email.

I was thinking two versons of the logo, 1) A static one where the dolphins meet in the middle 2) An animated gif where they are both moving arround in a loop.
I was taking like the Open SUSE Tumbleweed logo.

Next year I would like to publich the app as a public Alpha…