logo using nurbs curves help


hi this is my first topic here at elysium and i am just realised what is the blender potential, i was trying to learn maya before but i quit it to try blender cause i was using an unlincensed copy and so on, the fact is ive watched some video tutorials read some parts of the blenders manual but i just cant figure it out, there is a logo up here that i am trying to model but i just dont know how to make holes in the midlle of this geometry i ve made it using nurbs curves and then extrude and beveled it but this is not what i want . Look down here the logo mask that i made using gimp


if someone help me i would apreciate it. I want to draw the logo just like the mask dont matter what techinique.
in fact i didnt try’ed to do it cause i want to hear from someone more experienced the best way to accomplish it. thanks in advance

The image links are dead…


i ve fixed it


In Edit mode add 4 NURBS circles for the 4 holes and shape them. Keep your curve 2D (don’t press the “3D” button).


If you add another curve while in edit mode of the first curve it will form a hole for you. eg:




although this logo is not bad it wasnt what i wanted in principle,this strange thing happened when i tryed put these curves inside.
i mean i want all the logo having one face only
thanks for the quick replies i think that i will have a lot of questions in the future when i finish my model classes :smiley:

i got it, thanks guys, though this was a simple one i realized that you need to keep all the curves planes not in 3d as were said and switch to object mode and then do the width and extrude i think that the result was good
what do you guys think about my logo