Logo WIP (Update 12/03/04 Bottom of Page)

Rubber mallet hammer, rock ball, and metal ball with logo on it. “Why the 2 balls?”… these are objects for the animation I am working on. I would like some C&C before I get too deep into the animation. Thanks.


Note: Image looks choppy because I scaled it down outside of Blender. Here’s the full:


Looks pretty good so far, just two crits. The mallet head is too black, it should be dark grey so that we can see it’s shape beyond the spec. Right now it has no colour at all, just shininess. And the texture on the end of the mallet handle that we can see looks funny.

Other than that, good work! Can’t wait to see how it ends up.


Thanks… Ill get to work on that… one thing though… what do you mean about the texture on the end of the mallet being funny? You mean at the base of the handle or what? Personally, I can’t see what you mean.

Another thing I’d suggest is making the flat part of the mallet set solid (just select the faces and hit set solid).

Every thing looks good exept the mallet head. Everything is so textured and that looks so plane. But it looks awsome. :wink: Just one other thing you might want to Sub divide the spheres once they still look kind of chopy around the edges.

If this is a logo, I might suggest making the actual name [quite] a bit larger. Also, there’s a fair amount of dead space that doesn’t work well for logos. Overall, I’d say that the modeling and lighting were strong, but I’m not sure it fits the application you’re aiming for.

Alright, I made the mallet head flat, a little grayish, and subdiv’d the spheres a little more. As for what Fweeb said (I don’t know how to quote people so it says their name), The logo was itentionally in the background, not a focal center of attention. The scene was origianlly just some weird type of semi-photorealistic/playing around with Ambient Occlusion and Raytracing art.

Anyway, on to the enourmous pic: 1280x1024. Sorry.

C&C always welcome.