I am having fun playing with the text :smiley: I made a thread in the Traditional section, this is the same thing, but ALL blender.

C&C please. I want to make a awesome logo for my media company.


how do you do this?

I add text, make it the thickness I want, hit ALT+C and choose the middle option. There are three, I think they added a new one with the new version. But yeah, choose the middle one, I forgot what it was. Mess around with the nodes.

o ok i gots it now! how did yo get the text on the Jesusfrk??? did you just move the verts?

also do you know any good NODE tutorials?

Yeah, thatds what I did.

No i do not. sorry.

If you want you could just add a custom font if I’m not mistaken. But maybe not, I haven’t used this method in forever, I prefer using bezier curves… you just have more control over it.

You can do fonts yeah, but i like playing around with the curves nodey things. I love the S, its so… Sy