Are there any larger sized freely available virtual dub, gimp, and blender logos out on the web that I could use?

You can grab the logos SVG format from their respective Wikipedia pages (here, here and here…well, that last one you’ll have to resize manually). You can open them with Inkscape and export them to a high resolution image.

Thanks. I wonder why they don’t all have larger images like Gimp does, Blender and Virtualdub are quite small so they have bad quality when resized. The Gimp logo was exactly what I was looking for though. Wonder if there are any vector files of them out there.

You have to save the .SVG file and scale it up in any program with good support for it (like Inkscape), then export it to an image file. With the SVG logo being a vector object, quality will remain constant when you scale it up and down.

Oh, I guess I didn’t realize that was a svg file.