LohnC presents: 'Diver' The Short Film Production

LohnS (LohnC) has started development of an animation project called ‘Diver.’

It is really interesting to see how his experiences in the Elephants Dream Project have helped him plan / give ideas so far.

Check out his updates at http://www.leewj.com/diverblog/

id be interasted in helping you guys out (for the whole duration, dun like to abendon projects), anyways pm me and tell me how i can be of use

thanks for the offer vitality but you are going to have to ask LohnS himself (he just told me to make this post)

Wasn’t he working on Project Aqua?

i am looking forward to this film

Since the project is called diver, is he going to make a cg movie about a scubadiver or something, because on the background I see some isles and a sea. :stuck_out_tongue: ?
I’m just curious about the theme. :slight_smile:

Muffler diver i think its full name is :wink:

Oh man! Read the second bog post. It has some great info on making projects. Like this.


I might help, that is, if anyone would want it. :frowning:

I could have sworn it was “Smoo Diver” //tell me you get the BOTY reference

nope don’t get the reference at all :stuck_out_tongue: