LohnS's 2009 Reel!

Hey guys!

I’ve been so silent the last year (or two =/) on these forums, but I’ve made sure to check here at least a couple of times a week and see the amazing renders and animations blender users are creating.

The last year has kept me busy working on Project Durian , and for 2 years before that I was working at a Videogame Company (using mostly may and max :frowning: ), but used Blender as much as I could in my spare time still.

This is just a very small selection of work I’d done in 2008 and early 2009. The star wars stuff is maya/max animated but everything else is Blender! . In one week Durian production ends, so time to make a new reel soon :slight_smile:


Learning with Blender (the only 3d program I could afford when I wanted to do 3D) and building my skills from sharing work, and gaining feedback from this wonderful community has allowed me to turn my favorite hobby into a job. So I really want to say thank you to everyone here. Keep sharing work and posting constructive feedback to others!

Peace out,

Cool animation. Very cool. :slight_smile:

Thanks Dimetrii!! I’ll be sure to post up my 2010 reel when I finish it, can’t wait to include the Sintel shots I worked on

Yes. I too wait when there is video.)
And add to my demoreel “Ishtarians-women, religious man and shaman”. If them used for video and Durian Team will allow to add to me.:o

LohnS LohnS LohnS LohnS LohnS LohnS LohnS!

great animations :slight_smile:

Awesome reel! Good luck in your job hunt! :slight_smile:

fantastic rigging & animating.

Thanks for the kind words all!

Nice work :slight_smile: The animated characters looked great!

Looking forward to seeing your 2010 demo reel as well. :cool:

Thanks AD-Edge! I’ll be sure to post up my 2010 as soon as its done, good for feedback as well!

Very cool demo reel :slight_smile:

pretty cool! :smiley: