Lois and Clark's Valentines Date

Well I had a lot of fun doing this animation until it came to rendering trying to get the beer glass, particle or liquid system to work in linked assets without taking ungodly amounts of render time. Upwards of 3 hours per image on my machine (I7 4890K). So I finally just put material on the glass and bit the bullet. It didn’t work well as you can see. However, I did get render times down to a couple of minutes by rendering 50% of a 1280x720 image. Other than that, I’m so hoping EVEEE will help in this type of material.


The animation has improved quite a bit, but there’s a few things I would like to point out. One, you could have moved the camera towards him at the 15 second mark since there’s negative space there. Two, there’s not enough effort into the facial expressions of the woman and the Cherub as you did with the man. You can also add in some sound effects like the arrow flying towards the target or even him placing his mug on the table.

These are the things you can add on your future videos as part of your improvement. None the less, it’s still good.

As always, i appreciate your insight. Thanks. You have helped me a lot.

No Problem.