LOKI - Location Keeper Add On for 2.8+


Location Keeper.

Loki is a simple add-on that can save and recall any object X, Y, Z location into a list.

As simple as it gets, Loki could be very helpful in the following scenarios

  • Need to do a lot of precise object placement in 3D space, save and recall them at anytime.

  • Swap any object location to any object location on the list.

  • Save and recall multiple cameras specific position.

  • Save and recall multiple lighting position.

  • Save and recall specific position when keyframing animation.

  • et cetera.

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Just came here to tell, I love the naming lol :smiley:


Haha Thanks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hey, this is really useful - would you mind to add three state buttons for x/y/z?
(if active, position for the selected axis will be transferred, inactive, value will be kept)
Oh, and would it be possible to mirror the position relative to the cursor position?

Thanks! I’m glad if you find this useful.

This is a nice request, and would be useful. Adding X, Y, Z state button is quite trivial, but currently my hands are full with projects. I’ll update them as a soon as i have spare time.

I’ll let you know in this thread, when it’s updated in the market.

Could you elaborate more, what is mirroring the position relative to the (3D) cursor?

Sure. Let’s assume a cubes pivot point is set to coordinate x0/y0/z0 and the 3D cursor has the coordinates x3.5/y4/z0. If you "cursor"mirror it to the new coords, the new position of the cube would be x7/y8/z0. This could help a lot by a simple click.

Instead of using the cursor, any existing object would be fine too :slight_smile:

LOKI updated on Blendermarket

v.0.1.0 - November 19 2021

  • Add X, Y, Z coordinate toggle buttons, to set selected object(s) location with active coordinate selected location from the list.
  • Add Mirror toggle buttons, to set selected object(s) mirror location with active coordinate relative to selected location from the list.

v.0.1.2 - January 22 2022

  • Bug fix : Set location only working with mirror or cursor mode.
  • Compatibility check with Blender v3.0.0.

Added commercial tag.