Loki wip [Nudity]

Here is loki a character I’m going to texture dress and animate. I’m almost done with the modelling.
My goal is to make him look like this guy, the red head one.
But I’m gettng nowhere, I’m trying to model the hair, but as I’m going to use this in the BGE I can’t use particles. And I can’t get it right for some reason, so that is my problem right now. Any good tips on how to model hair lowpoly?

Also how do you bake the shadows from a lamp and put it on a uv texture? Any links or something? Thanks alot, and sorry if I’m being a pain in the ass by posting so many questions:spin:

I wish there would be some documentation on this program that would be great…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again

This is looking very good so far, i would block out his hands a little though, atleast give him an independent thumb, a texture can add the finger details in.

For the hair your best of modeling a plane that fits around the head and flows down his back, like hair would, then map a texture to this with alpha enable, this is the way game devs do hair, you can also layer a few planes to give it depth :slight_smile:

To create the hair texture you could make hair in blender and render it out as an alpha and then photoshop the texture until it’s right for your UV map/ plane

Looks great. Proportionally, the forehead seems very high (for a character without hair yet) and the torso seems very long but then that may be what you’re going for. Whats the vertex-count, out of interest?

I’m not sure whether you were joking, but there’s rather a lot of blender documentation around if you look.

Ok here is a small update of the hair. I got two versions, one without texture and one with texture. The reason I got two versions is because my unwrapping and texture skills suck. The reason I didn’t do the plane thing is because yeah well I don’t know…:stuck_out_tongue: easier this way.
Now just ignore the second one, now…how do I create skin textures and textures for the hair eyes etc. I’m new to texturing so give me some tips pls. Should I bake the shadows to create the skin texture or get the texture from somewhere else?

I really suck at texturing, if there is someone who wants to help me with it I would appreciate it…:slight_smile:

EDIT: the vertex count for the whole model is 654 and 1254 tris.