Loki y2k2

(SLID3) #1

About a week ago Kib asked me to deliver a highres image of Loki for a possible Elysiun.com tshirt.
I took the chance to update the loki image/model (Something i seem to do every year, updating it with the things i learned in the past year).

So here it is, after about a week of longnights tweaking and re-rendering:


Image is around 70kb, at a res of 1000/800.

Mad props to Badcheese, Mikado, Bigwhale, Hiroshi, Egad, Freid and Skywriter for giving helpfull and constructive crit’s!
(and for pointing out horrible things you dont even notice when its 5 Am in the morning and youve been staring at the image for near on 8 hours :slight_smile:

Hope yall like it! and comments are always appreciated!

(acasto) #2

Looks awesome! It’s cartoony…but real. One of those combinations that is trapped somewhere inbetween two realities. Great work though.

I know what you mean about the up at 5am thing. I just got my animation rendering at 6am this morning and went to sleep at 7, then got up at noon and accedentally deleted it. Oh well, that’s how things go sometimes.

(VelikM) #3

Thats great! It makes me think of the movie Men in Black.

(Hiroshi) #4

That Loki image has been way greater than past one which you showed me in a couple of days ago!


(Sebasthos) #5

Did you just render it normal, or did you use some gizmo like Raytracing or Radiosity?

(BgDM) #6

Absolutley awesome work :o

I love this character. Weren’t you going to be doing a Matrix like animation with him?, (if I remember your website correctly).


(S68) #7

Absolutely awesome :o

when the T shirt will be ready?


(LohnS) #8

in one word


that is cool!

(Timothy) #9

Great stuff wp,…

S68 the t-shirt is ready :),… I just have to order one myself, to check the quality, as soon as I’ve confirmed that I will open the e-shop.

btw, a small preview for you guys:


(SLID3) #10

Just wanted to drop a post to answer some of the question and to say thanks for the kind words.

“It makes me think of the movie Men in Black.”

-He was originally inspired by the matrix (Neo) But in the last design
i added some body armor under the influence of Blade.

“or did you use some gizmo like Raytracing or Radiosity?”

-Its rendered with a combination of normal pointlights and spotlights
along with a Fake GI set (around 32 spotlights with very low energy)
Set to only light the character layer, to avoid icky multiple shadows on the floor.

“Weren’t you going to be doing a Matrix like animation with him?”

-Yep thats still the idea, but after working a week on him im changing projects, cause the bills wont pay themselves :slight_smile: and my attention span is quite short on most projects :slight_smile:
But since he’s now completely rigged including his coat there’s no real excuse for me anymore to not do it, im hoping to do some little tests with him soon.

“when the T shirt will be ready?”

-I believe Kib allready ordered one to see the quality of it, so after he gives the okay it should be available.

On a final note for those wondering how i did the smoke is that i “faked” it
as in not doing it in 3d (which saved me alot of time) i took about 20 pictures with a digital camera infront of a neutral background, picked the best ones and started cleaning them up in photoshop, finally applied them to the final image.

Here you can see an example of the finished smoke on the left side and the original on the right.


(and yes i know smoking is bad for you :slight_smile:

(slikdigit) #11

I really like the style of this character. The attention to detail and render is very nice too. My only comment is this: I (personally) would prefer it if he/it had hands. Not complex ones, just simple,cartoony deformable hands, to grip the gun handle rather than having it intersecting with the spheres. Other than that I like very much. :smiley:

(LohnS) #12

wow, its me, except skin colour play-do hehe

i said it b4 and i’ll say it again, that is COOL!

(kaktuswasse) #13

you are greeeeaaaatttt!!!

Yeah, that man is really coool!

cya henrik

(kaktuswasse) #14

you are greeeeaaaatttt!!!

Yeah, that man is really coool!

cya henrik

(harkyman) #15

That’s a beautiful render! The t-shirts look very cool.

(Nayman) #16

where did you get the mp5? :o :o :o

(theeth) #17

way to go dude! The smoke is a great composition!

Kib: Please, I need one of those T-Shirts!!


(Timothy) #18

theeth,… the waiting is on the t-shirts I ordered a few days ago,… they should be on their way now.

And as soon as I have them I can open the store,… just hold on a bit longer :slight_smile:


(SLID3) #19

The mp5k is an old model that i did in 1.8 most likely, i had to convert most of it to subsurfs since the original model was way to dense,

There’s a lot of gun sites that have great reference for all kinds of guns.


(Turkey) #20

are there going to be an elysiun logo on the t-shirt???