Loking for a tutorial on SSS

Doe anyone know of a good tutorial for SSS? I have been fiddling with the settings, but still can’t figure out what everything does. Most other things have been pretty straight forward, but this is just too many things to fiddle with without knowing what they do…

So yeah, any good SSS tutorials would be appreciated


I don’t know of any good tutorials off hand but this blenderdoc is very useful for figuring out sss.

I always just play around with the settings until I get the look I want.

what is SSS?

Sub Surface Scattering,
Look at what happens to the skin color on your fingers when you put them in front of a light source, it turns redish.

That is what sss does.

@Pants Sub Surface scattering, the scattering of light below the surface of a partially transparent material, like skin or wax.

I’m mainly looking to make some realistic skin textures. I saw that page already, but I still couldn’t figure some things out, I will try reading it again slower with blender open…