Loki's mask

Hey, I’m trying to recreate the Loki mask from the movie The Mask. Model is not 100% completed yet. I have a few questions. As you can see in the reference image,

there are some big crevasses on the mask which i will sculpt in, but my question is about the rest of the wood material. I started playing around with the noise texture, and I ended up with this,

do you think this is a good idea to explore further to recreate the wood material, if so what do you recommend I should do with the color, roughness and reflection texture (should i just use the noise texture in all of them and tweak them until I’m happy with the result). If you think this technique is blasphemy to recreate the material from the reference, what do you think would be the best way to do it?

Also the concept is to showcase the mask on some sort of holder or container with a plain dark colored background and some dramatic lighting on the mask, particles flying around. Like an exposed item in a museum.

Thanks in advance, any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


I would recommend using a Wood texture, cause right now the grains just go straight up and down along the Z-axis.
The reference shows the grains go outwards and in a more wavey form.

I dunno, maybe try and Project from view UV unwrapp and help the texture by sculpting where the real crevasses are.

why don’t you sculpt all? if you are just doing the mask, you can spend some time doing the sculpt, blender can handle it very well, just use the multi-resolution modifier. and some alphas. I do the skin like that, wood my be easier in my opinion.
I think that they did the sculpt of the mask by hand.

Hey guys, thanks a lot for the tips, once i get back from holiday i will try them and ad the results here

Okay, I didn’t forget about this project, I will finish it :smiley:
Hey, please see some updated renders on the wood material below. Let me know what you think of it. As for the composition I want to put this mask on display, like in a museum, on a stand behind glasses. That’s the main idea, but I’m not sure how can I ad some story element to it. Any ideas?

Also, I’m not trying to replicate the mask from the movie 100%, I want to have something more realistic.

Another wood material, which one you prefer more?

Another update, tweaks for the wood texture and added the iron thingy.

Hey, trying to get the final render, some feedback would be appreciated if anybody has any :slight_smile: What do you think could improve the image.