LOL.. check out this prodcut

'ang on a minute! If you look at the model number, it looks like porn… but spelt like… pron!!

uh huh huh…eerrrrr… uhuh huh huh. huh, uh huh. huhu huhh.
“Hey Beavis… that guys got porn!”

“uhhhhhhh… shut up Beavis.”

“heh… heh… hheeeeheheeee… ehhe”

shut up!… butt-munch. errr… huh… ehuhuh”

137TVPRON (also 1337 TV pr0n) is geek-talk for “Elite Television Pornography” or ETP, for you normal people.

And 4 stars too meaning they’re targeting people with no IQ.


Unless you can give some special insight as to why you people with low IQs favor 4 stars, I don’t get it.

shbaz, why are you still reading kansas’s posts? I just skip over them anymore…

I like reading Kansas’s’s’s’s posts, his opinions can give me a cheap laugh, and then the responses to those opinions are even funnier!

I once was addicated to stating why Kansas’s posts are inane and unnecisary. I have since realised that it is simply too easy and my effort is best placed in something more productive. Like poking fun at theeth’s mom. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself…)

Therefor I have boycotted replies to Kansas’s posts. Who wants to join me?

I’m debating whether I change this to “poking my eye with a fork. (Yes, you too can do it)” or wait for something funnier to pop in my mind. :wink:


I’m debating whether I change this to “poking my eye with a fork. (Yes, you too can do it)” or wait for something funnier to pop in my mind. :wink:


You’ll think of something, I’m sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

One reason I’d make a terrible moderator is that I would never debate it, and it’d happen far too frequently. I don’t know how you restrain yourself, with the gems that this forum provides.

Looks like you’re ready to boycott the entire state instead. :o

(His post wasn’t inane btw so my laws don’t prohibit replying to this particular one)

The state was meant to represent Kansas, with the 15 on it making “Kansas_15”. However, if I have to boycott the whole state, then so be it. I have some friends there, but noone said it was gonna be easy.

what ever

Whats most shocking is that BlackMage posted this on IRC months ago and now JUST FINALLY got around to putting it on here. Perhaps waiting for the joke to be forgotten? If you can call it a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

Get back to work on Distray!!! We have no time for pr0n! :smiley:

you know… I don’t understand why everyone is being mean to Kansas_15. He’s a genuine enough guy. Its not like he’s saying things to get attention, I’ve been reading his posts and nothing he has said so far has convinced me that he is just looking for attention or that he is a flake. if you ask me, judging from your posts, we’ve got a couple of forum bullies. As everyone knows, bullies are not to be taken seriously, and they’re the ones trying to get attention.


Just like dessert, there’s always room for pr0n. :wink:

His posting manner is fine, it’s just his viewpoints that suck. Somone like Fred Phelps (Phelpsy boy live in Kansas too, coinncidence?) could follow all the rules of the forum and I would still think they were a jackass.