lol, lsmmax and lsmmagsdabh

when I first joined this forum, I had no idea what lol meant. there was a lol here and a lol there and over time I noticed that a lot of people were lolling about.

2 questions:

a) should there be a dictionary of these terms?

b) what does ‘lsmmax’ mean?

A decent search engine will find you a bunch of 'em… like this one.

Just guessing, but maybe it’s “Laughing So Much My Ass F*cking Exploded”

was it that obvious. Spot on fweeb thats exactly what I had in mind

ok, how about…


They’re not mine I swear. :Z

There are many solutions to this. Some include:

Use Google.

Use Wikipedia.


This is really lame, but my forum is starting a 'Leet Speak Dictionary" with dumb terms like lol and rofl.

Here is the Link.

There is only a few of us on the forum, but we have most of the major internet speak terms.