Lol, Wikipedia.

This cracks me up:

the reason you don’t want to use Wikipedia–


…amazing, huh?


I think it was Uncle Abe, which in kinda close…ya know, putting a hip spin on the old man.

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People make stupid changes. Other people watch the changes and usually catch them. Life at any wiki, eh?

Indeed. That’s actually one of the most harmless of those type of changes made to that article (when compared to the others…some are quite extensive).

Yeah, wiki-vandalism isn’t so funny when you’re over 12 years old. My high school’s ip is banned from editing it because all the assclowns here keep thinking it’s hilarious to go OMGOMGOMG PEENIIISSSS over and over to every article.

'warning pointless rant"
Well, here in darkest Africa, our isp give us dynamic ip addresses, which means every 24hours, every internet user gets a new ip address. Now, my ip address has changed a few thousand times since I’ve registered with Wikipedia. Every now and again, I get notified that my original ip has been banned from Wikipedia. The same old ip address is obviously changing hands every day… Few South Africans get to edit Wikipedia more than once in a lifetime, which is prolly not such a bad thing.
Maybe one day, a few centuries from now, one of our fat, rich, power hungry and uneducated politicians decides to actually give real internet access to his people.

dont use wikipeida. use uncyclopedia :evilgrin:

Uncyclopedia is really a waste of time and resources.

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A few weeks ago I was competing in the world’s largest trivia contest, and naturally, when trying to find answers, Wikipedia is a smart place to check. Of course, I’m not the only team that knows this… so one thing that was happening a lot of times was that the first team that got to the wikipedia page with the correct answer would vandalize the page to throw off the other teams.

It’s a pretty sneaky move, but I was able to figure it out pretty quickly and I knew how to view the history of the page’s edits to confirm the info.

And, etanrolyat, the error you spotted on Wikipedia is already corrected.

wikipedia is really a waste of time and resources.

I agree with many of your comments, and would like to make a few of my own.

I agree that this is an unfortunate truth; too many people, when given the chance to share their knowledge with the world, simply feel the need to share obscenities and other unnecessary bits of their lives.

I have some friends in my hometown from South Africa. They moved to the U.S. because they were having problems with governmental issues as well, and decided to try to get more freedoms. I’m not saying you should do this, just mentioning that I understand where you’re coming from.

…and that’s something we can be thankful for, this once. It’s annoying when people make obvious mistakes on purpose, but when they make extensive–and apparently true–changes to things like this, some people probably see negative effects (i.e. if they were using Wikipedia to write a paper, which I don’t reccommend anyway)

I agree with your last statement. I think if you really put your mind to it, you can find better resources.

well, at least we got some people to share their thoughts on the topic, despite its relative pointlessness.

Thanks guys

Wikipedia has enormous amounts of information that isn’t found in other encyclopedias, because the people who collect the informatino don’t have either time to add that information, or in many cases they don’t have access to it at all.

I use wikipedia on pretty much every-day basis, to check up things I “need to” know. I know that wikipedia can easily be abused, but usually the information found there seems to be pretty accurate.

Hmm… He made that change!

That’s why we shouldn’t use Wikipedia!

Hehe, I’d bet a lot of people do things like this then get their IP addresses banned every day!

I love Wiki!


Never, never, never admit vandalizing a wiki. Or make it look like you didn’t vandalize a wiki when you did. It’s bad for digestion.

I agree with your last statement. I think if you really put your mind to it, you can find better resources.

lol i was joking. Wikipedia is incredibly useful :wink:

lol… you guys sure took a while to figure that one out.


oh yeah, and that was Pshopped too.

…in case anyone was wondering.

insert semi-maniacal laughter here

I don’t get the point of this thread.

D- would not read again.

There is no point.

…as far as I can tell.


Oh LOL, Hahahahahahahahaha that was so Uber, wow Uber Uber Uber

I get the joke now. Warning One: etanrolyat