tell me roughly how long it takes you guys to get this


Does it count if I quickly disabled javascript? :wink:


no theeth, there is an easier way


I’ve got javascript disabled by defaults except for selected domains. It didn’t involve any other work on my side than clicking your link and clicking the button. Tada :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s actually rather easy to solve, even with javascript enabled. It’s just a matter of approaching the problem correctly. Guess I’m not an idiot (5 secs on my first “real” try).


I pressed it in 5 seconds!
Another dumb button pushing game that I found here:


five seconds.

It woulda been longer if you hadn’t said it would be so easy.

LOL true


they should have disable the rightmouse


why what does the right mouse button do?


I did not get the point of that thing… I just rightclicked and moved the mouse over it and clicked, was that what you were supposed to do? The only thing that happened was that it said “you win” :? :expressionless:

Edit: If the goal were to get that message, then I came up with another way: ctrl-tab until it’s selected and press space.

Heh I just noticed that it was java and not javascript…

This I do not like(I did not se the effects though):

however long it took the page to load and me to read the top caption was how long it took me to get this.


Is the link you put the right one? I think its messed up, the button that says press keeps moving away… Something’s messed up!

Just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:
It took me about ten seconds to click it. :slight_smile:

yea that right mouse button works wonders here. :slight_smile:

haha took me less than 1 second to click it
(my connection is slow though, poor bastard didn’t even have a chance to move)

just corner it!

5 seconds.

well for all of the people who right mouse buttoned it.

try doing the same thing with the left button.

you see that is the whole point of the thing, can you follow instructions? it says “press” so you need to press, and then move the button over it and press once again.

not hard IMO.

but thinking the right mouse button was special is defeating the intelligents behind the whole thing, coz you think you are being sneeky.


well for all of the people who right mouse buttoned it.

Well, the link that R2Blend gave works the same. It’s about how long you can keep pressing the button. just click on it, do a right mouse click. The flash options menu appears and you can release the left mouse button. And the time keeps counting.
Ofcourse noobs can put a heavy object on there mouse (did I once long ago in prince of persia to get more time…)