lol !

sometimes i hear people say LOL !

is it a shortcut for something ¿

i mean is L means a word ¿
and O and the seconmd L ¿

oh yeah ! hwo invented it ?¿

a silly thread , right ¿

LOL = laughing out loud

lol. Good question :slight_smile:

It is an acronym. As yfkar has already stated, it is short for “laughing out loud”.

thanks . i was thinking it is a meaningless fancy word ! LOL :slight_smile:

dont worry i dont know what half the weird internet words are like rofl or lamo or a bunch of others

ROFL = Rolling on floor laughing.

LMAO = Laughing my ass off.

You can combine them, too. For instance one might reply to a witty comment: ROFLMAO!!!11one



Here’s something I could never understand… Why do people throw extra "OL"s on to “LOL”? Do the "OL"s stand for something different or are people just “laughing out loud out loud”?




Language is going to hell…

LOL can also mean lots of laughter. I don’t use it anymore cause some people don’t like it, and I don’t want to irritate anyone, anymore.

Or Little Old Lady, or Lands of Lore, or many other things

only if we were telepathetic…hehehehe…

This is such a pointless thread.

If you need to know what a certain acronym stands for simply google it.

Theres also LOL=Lots of Love Yay:D

LOL = Longitudinal Output Level… duh

lol wut u talkin about rofl


dis 4um r teh bawm.

lol+lonley one lives