Lollipop Guy

After a bunch of updates, and a whopping 3 hour rendering (may not be much for most of you, but I thought my laptop was going to melt) It is done (I hope, but you are still free to critique, though by now you might have realized I won’t add wrinkles under his eyes; It ruins the cartoony feel) and I hope you enjoy it. Stylized trees to help rendering, but I like them…

Hold on Tight,

I like the cartoony style you got there, but I think it could be more dynamic, if you would pose the dude so, that it would look like he’d be alerady running towards the love of his life. You know: he’s hanging in mid air, arm reached forward and so forth.

The image doesn’t load all the way for me, and it is a PNG which is a windows-only format. A JPG would be better I think, or maybe GIF.

I’m on Linux here :D. Windows only my butt. Anyways, see if this other one comes in any better: See attachment.

I didn’t re-render it, I just converted it to a JPEG. It was originally PNG because JPEG can ruin the quality of an image, since it is a lossy format.

Just out of curiousity, what browser do you use?

Hold on Tight,

Like this picture, really great idea.
Maybe you could improve your grass??

Anyway, really like your artwork!

great job on the cartoony feel. I don’t think you need wrinkles on his eyes, since you get the “old” look from the hair (or lack thereof) and forehead.

The tips of the grass could parhaps be thinner. At the moment it looks like they’re squared at the end, but it’s hard to tell. I didn’t realise he was licking a lollipop at first either :stuck_out_tongue:

Those trees in the background look awesome though

Hey thanks everybody. I might render again, though it probably won’t be soon, or, if it is, the picture won’t be as big. I’ve spotted a fre things I can change, but thanks for your comments!

Hold on Tight,

Hahaha that little guy is wicked, and the background and stuff really sets the mood. good work.

awww i feel sorry for the little man trying to get the big lolliepop!!! hehe

Thanks everybody!

I have some more small changes to make (as well as a super secret Sequel image on the way). Thanks for your comments and critisism. If I can coax my laptop to render, or figure out how the desktop computer I have magically died: then you might get an update tommorrow.

Hold on Tight,

A sequel image!!??!

Is is going to be after a popsicle??