lollocaust...1 TB email has been offering 1 TB email for some time now, although their security and other aspects of their service are questionable. Now another service, is offering 1 TB of space. It looks a little more secure and professional. I made an account just to see how it looks. It seems quality but Im pretty sure they are banking on the fact that no one is ever going to use 1 TB of mail space. I certainly wont. I have used my gmail account for months now and I am not even using 1% of my space. Tis interesting none the less. Oh yeah, you have to fill out advertising surveys for them once in awhile but they promise you wont get any spam.

All this Absolutely Free:

  • Free 1000GB Email Services
  • Available to US citizens only
  • Fill out advertising forms twice a month (short forms)Sums it up…

It’s like the free ipod scheme but now for e-mail services using large storage numbers to impress you. I won’t be surprised if they force advertisment on thier webmail client too.

with an uptime of 99.7% you can definatly tell that they are just some average group (or single person) buying dedicated servers and leasing the space.

Anyone offering 1TB for e-mail will likly have several servers, clustered and also load balancers are highly likly too since they should be handling large volumes… meaning downtime is almost impossible…

and with that webdesign they have… i wouldnt touch them with a 10 foot pole.