lollypopman - monopatín.

Here is my latest little animation, and it loops, how cool is that!? make sure you watch it here so you can see it in a loop! :smiley:

Any comments are welcome as usual!.


I made it to Loopdeloop!, you can vote for my animation here
and if anyone is around melbourne the last tueday of this month, you can’t miss it, go to Loop Bar and watch it on the big screen (among other best sellers)

Took me quite a long while to realize that the white thing on his chin was his mouth.

Great animation though!

Ahaha… I watched it three times over. :smiley:

Oskarious, hahaha!, yah, maybe i should improve the mouth design!, thanks!
Journeyman, glad you enjoyed!

great one!! the animation is superb, colors, composition and overall just looks awesome.
I think that just adding a black interior to the mouth will make it more understandable.

ahahah! Lovely loop animation! <3

Tincho: gracias, thanks for the comments, i’m getting more comfortable with mixing engines in blender and using the compositor to my advantage… little by little.
I’ll do some improvement to the character’s design and rig, thanks for the mouth tip, that might actually work. :smiley:

So sweet. Love the composition

This is cute.
Lot of fun, excellent!

Some of the compositing, for he who wants to know…

cheers, and thanks for the nice comments everyone :smiley: