Lon In in Blender game


I would like to ask about how to make log in(user name ) in blender game and then saving the game the player have been achieved.


You’d need python for that, I’ll write a script and put it up in a bit. As for the saving, please be more specific.

I mean the player in the binging of game register her/his name and then he plays and when he wants to exit the game is saved where he is arrived next time the player can play where he was stop .

or anther thing when player log in the system will display information about him as text.

I hope now is cleared

I’ve created a simple saving template, which is attached. I’m not sure if I can do the log in thing but I’ll try. If you need help implementing the script just ask. :yes:
save_template.blend (1.15 MB)

Thanks a lot

If you do not mind please I need help in script