Lone Pawn. (Photorealism attempt.)

I’d like to eventually make this photoreal, but it obviously has some work. Your job…is to try to tell me exactly what work it needs. Okay? Thanks folks!

This is pure Blender. The pawn is entirely procedural, while the board is a photo texture.


very nice! you know i like your work and that our teasing is just in plane fun! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Very photorelisticarich so far. What renerer is this, is it yafray? It because its like you are using HDRI (By looking at the spectular…yeah, also possibale in blender by using lots of lamp.). Have you add DOF to the rendered picture ? If yes, you should make it a bit blurer at the back and if no, you should add it :P.

edit: oh, this is blender :slight_smile:

ada89: Actually I simulated HDRI by using a skytextured AO setting and mapping a spherical room to the sky’s texture setting. This was rendered with Blender’s internal renderer.

Prince: Heh. We might bicker but I’m fond of you as well. Keep up the good work.

Thanks folks. Updates soon.

Only thing i can think of isa that it seems to have too much energy(brightness) to be photoreal.

I think it looks good!

Prince: Heh. We might bicker but I’m fond of you as well. Keep up the good work.

me too! thanks but i only one day hope to achieve your quality work! keep it up yourself! :wink:

Well, I messed with a lens blur effect in Photoshop. Eh. Here are the results. I think it adds a bit of realism, but not a huge amount. I think I’ll model some other pieces now. Anyhow. Here ya go:


You could add picture noise, that would make it look more real.

Way too much blur on the previous one. I like this much better:


Noise, eh? Well, this is a really cheap trick for “photorealism”. If you stuck this under my nose I couldn’t tell you it was CG, though it isn’t especially impressive.


Well, after deleting everything except my modelling :< (Save, Ryan, save when you’re working on something! - the camera angle was a pain in the arse to get back to how I had it.) , I’m back on track… I call it “Lone Pawn In Park.” Er. Ahem. Heh. Just kidding. Here ya are.


well I actually loved the prevous materials more. especially that pearl like material (though it also neede a bit of improvment). now, this reflection is very nice but a bit troublesome because it makes the pawn looks likr it’s not attached. also it shows how (excuse me) simple is the saurface that is used for the plate. my suggestuins:
1)play with the ior values of the reflection.
2) make the surface more complex - for example add a crack between the frame and the checker board it self.
3) make the pawn material more simple - get reed of the stucci or what ever creats this bumps.

I must admit I like the new material more, now the table itself
looks entirely photoreal (in my opinion)

But, there are 3 things you can do in order to make a “kick-bu**”
reality image…

  1. Give the “farmer/brick” a dirt-map. You could of course do this
    in your favourite photo-editor, but also utillize Blenders faboulus
    new LSCM mapping. :slight_smile: and do it with both. Give it some dirt,
    show us that this one has been used.

  2. Put some REAL poly-modelled DUST on the table.
    Not a lot, but enough to make it photo-real.

  3. Make some hairline-cracks in the “brick”, it’ll do the major
    difference. Right now the brick looks too “plasticky”.

Nice work!!!

I’m torn between the reflective board and the matte. I like being able to see the park, but with a basic orco mapped texture like the board is, I’m afraid that making bumps will be a horrid bitch to do. Excuse my language. Perhaps I should UV map it. Hum. I’m going to ponder my quandry, perhaps try to grayscale the board and use it as a bumpmap, then give y’all an update.

that last image the pawn is like floating!?! i have to agree that i think the other images were better especially the one with a little blur! Nice work all around! :smiley:

turn down shinyness and reflectiveness on everything except the pawn

Do you have the distributed rendering build? If you have it, tone down the reflection of the board a bit and make the reflection blur.
i actually like the one where the background blur more which make the pawn look tiny which it really is.