Here it is.
It burns us. Just not the bodies.
Blender 2.6, Cycles, GIMP
Made in 2 hours)
Rendered in 8 minutes.


Nice concept :slight_smile:

make the center one burned :wink: so its in focus thats the biggest thing that stand up to me. less that… it looks nice I like the materials and textures.

Wow, I really like how well you pulled off the matchsticks. I would suggest putting the burnt one more in the center though.

Pretty nice. Good idea. You need to render it a lot longer though.

Wow deep concept and excellent texturing. The down head of the burned match really gives the feeling that it’s sad in society.

Very nice concept, good composition. Glad you didn’t put the burnt one dead center but perhaps a little more to the right wouldn’t drag the eye.

Thank you all!
Yeah, a little to the right looks “nicer”, but the match is not then seems to be between others (in the society).
That can be my vision, of course. Let me show.

No postpro here :slight_smile:

welldone :slight_smile: really artistic :slight_smile:

Very nice. I always like this kind of concept. I would remove the matches behind the burned match thow to make it stand out more and to make the image more clear.

(Excuse my English.)

Sorry, I see the that it’s a lot better in the previous post :o

Nice update, you should do a little animation :slight_smile: a matchstick could be very expressive.

Thank you! ) I am already preparing some camera flyover)