Lonely ant

ive been working on this piece for about a week for anyone that wasnt watching it in the wip section, im pretty proud of it and am excited that i actully finished a picture! So here it is! :smiley:


Wow. water looks great. The blades of grass is just one model duplicated right? Not too bad. The only think I dont like are the tree-trunks, (are they?) Also, the ant isn’t casting any shadow.

You are doing nice work. I can see that you have been working on different aspects of Blender, and the more you do it, the easier it is. Pretty soon you will be able to create anything at will.

Nice :slight_smile:
I really like the ant model.
But the scene could make use of some better lighting and there seem be two errors:
One is the Pipe. I thin the rings should be going parallel to the opening.
Then in the middle of your pic, there is some kind of plane that coveres the tip of a grassblade.
Else it’s great… a cute ant!

hey that turned out pretty good! make the ant cast shadows like the grass and youre really in buisiness. good job, keep on blending…

its weird cuz i couldnt get him to cast one… any one know how to fix that?
and the white things were sopposed to be a small garden fence but i couldnt do the wood texture really well… i guess i will have to do better next time!

looks goo love the water…as for shadows i just got over the smae problem in the materials for the lights turn on “use ray tracing” and then on the render buttons turn on “ray” that enables ray tracign in the render

…yea that was the problem thanks man :slight_smile: i wont be rerendering this one i dont think due to rendering times

Yep nice scene.

Nice scene but the lack of shadows make it look too unreal.

The water is great.

haha i guess i really should add those missing shadows! i will try to get around to it some time relativly soon 8)