Lonely Cans

Now that I have your attention:

kinda boring, but i like it. but the cans seem tooo short.

they’re the cute 8-oz cans

Pretty good, but shouldn’t they be a little more reflective? They’re pop cans. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t think so, the paint duals out the reflections. I would increase the specularity though. Great work :smiley:

Looks a little jagged, not in aliasing, but in the actual geometry of the can. Maybe a level of subsurf would help, you might have to add a few vertices here and there to keep the shape though.

Try filling the background with something else than black… it’s a major factor I think…
Aside from that … indeed the cans need some more spark…


Yeah, maybe the bottom of the machine they came out of.

Cans do need some more specularity, and it never hurts to add a little raymir with upped fresnel to them (miniscule amount not enough to produce a clear image, but enough so you know its metal).

Also, if they are the 8 oz. cans I think they might be too tall. From what I remember, 8 oz. cans are more pumpkin-y, while normal ones are more cucumber-y.

The mountain dew logo is not as I remember. Shouldn’t the can be a dark green or have I missed something?

they are livewire (orange flavor), and I measured an actual can to get exact scale. They do have a raymir are .05 I believe, but that is after looking at the real can and determining the level they reflected. The roughness of the can is due to the fact that when I subsurf it, the uvmap textures stretch to an ugly point.

I always forget about that flavor.

Pretty good. Two things: right now they look like some kind of biohazard containers… give them some reflection, heh It just doesn’t look like aluminum… Also I think the bottom looks a bit weird… on real cans it’s more smoothed out kind of… all-one-curve thing.

Nice composition though.


Cans are short, they’re none-reflective, you should use sub surfs (and model to make them look nice, use 8 vertex circles and start extruding) to avoid ugly artifacts from set smooth, there seems to be a lack of spec on the render as well which really makes the scene look bland.

It has promise.

SUBSURFING is really distroying the textures.

DITTOHEAD: I said previously that they are 8OZ CANS. They are supposed to be short. I measured them and everything. I wish I could figure out how to make the textures not stretch when Subsurf is hit, but I don’t know how. Any help would be appreciated.

There is no way as far as i can tell.
Forget about it.
Just subdivide it then convert and apply textures.
It’s a still right? Then what’s the big deal?
Is there some reason your going low poly?

They would benifit greatly from some more spec and a little reflection, and if there’s 4 of them, why are they lonely? Also, I think the label’s backgroundl green should be quite a bit greener and darker, and they woul dlook nicer as full isze. Nive modeling though, except it’d be nice to see the top of one. Good job!